Chapter 586: The Four-Dimensional War ( I )

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Chapter 586: The Four-Dimensional War ( I )Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationFor him to be called a four-dimensional creature... He was currently more like a creation, a technological creation.Then, Luo Yuan suddenly thought about the mysterious super civilization behind the system.The movements in the dimensions this time around was just too significant. The disruption this time did not only affect the three-dimensional universe but the other, deeper dimensions as well. These changes had an obvious pattern. Although ordinary civilizations would think of them as regular spatial disruptions, they would not be able to slip past the super civilization.This particular civilization had a profound understanding regarding four-dimensional creatures and they also had a faint hostility toward them.If anyone were to have the ability to create such terrifying creatures, then the most likely candidate would be this unknown super civilization.In fact, when any form of technology advanced to the point where they could go against and overturn a civilization, it would not be able to make a good impression to any civilization, especially since terrifying creatures like these pose an extreme threat to these civilizations. They had to die out quickly.To this day, Luo Yuan could still vividly recall the time the four-dimensional creature brought its dimension toward the three-dimensional universe. As it closed in, it caused various terrifying black holes. To the creature, black holes like these were how walking was to humans. A human would never think twice about stepping onto an ant nest since it would feel like an accident. As for the survival of a nearby civilization, life on an entire planet could be eradicated should their luck not be at its best.The creature was like a natural disaster to the universe and was a public enemy to the entire three-dimensional universe.However, having access to this information and understanding it did not mean Luo Yuan should stretch his neck out for the executors sword. Since he was currently walking the path of a four-dimensional creature, Luo Yuan would naturally take their side and anything standing against him would be his enemy.Moreover, he was not the only four-dimensional being within this system. In fact, he had yet to fully become one since the civilization of four-dimensional creatures ignored his presence and allowed him to roam freely. It seemed like he had yet to fully become one since the creatures probably thought his powers would be manageable as they were currently weak.Luo Yuan sneered in his heart. However, he dared not underestimate the amazing technological creation that was his four-dimensional body.It had the ability to roam the depths of the fourth dimension, proving that it had unparalleled power. To a fourth-dimensional creation like this, it could exterminate a civilization like the humans with just a single swipe. In the past, he would only escape and run like a dog since he had no other choice. However, he was no longer without choice.Almost half of his body had become fourth dimensionalized. In a certain perspective, he was almost a full-fledged four-dimensional creature. The only difference was in their strength and his current opponent, would obviously not be able to match the strength of an actual four-dimensional creature.Luo Yuan then measured the vastness of his true body, and his body began to give off a bright glow as his body rapidly shrank. A terrifying pulse began to irradiate the entire nebula, to the point where the sun within his palm was even blown to dust within moments.Within one a quadrillionth of a second, his transformation was complete.From his initial towering height of 300 kilometers that made him seem like a cosmic entity, it suddenly shrank. Within a blink of an eye, he had already turned into a humanoid being that was about 2.5 meters tall.His entire body gave off a dazzling light as it emitted a destructive pulse. It was as if he was a blurry human silhouette that could slightly bend the light passing by his body.This shrunken body size was different when compared to the atomic compression of a white dwarf. Although the white dwarf particles were extremely dense, they were still within range of what was possible with a regular material structure. The electron was still an electron, the atomic core was still an atomic core, and its atomic structure was still complete.At this moment, the electrons in Luo Yuans body had been compressed down to the atomic nuclei. With all the protons merged into a neutron, the atoms in his body were now made up of a simple neutron parallel structure.The density of his body had already exceeded 100 million tons per cubic centimeter!There was an infamously terrifying celestial body in this universe, and its particles were made up from such materials. That celestial body was called the neutron star.The reasoning behind the transformation of his body into this state was that it could achieve an unimaginable toughness. At the same time, he had also reduced the effective surface area of his body so he could travel via curvature flight even faster. Now, regardless if it were fight or flight, he would be able to deal with the situation more calmly.Luo Yuan stopped at the same location, and his body suddenly vanished completely. It was as if he had blended into space.At the very next moment, his entire body had completely entered the four-dimensionalized state.His body had undergone drastic changes. The original humanoid figure that existed in the three-dimensional universe had completely vanished. As he entered the fourth dimension, his body extended beyond the higher dimension and it seemed as if endless twisted, folded space made up his body. It was just like a two-dimensional square, or a cube in the third dimension.In fact, his form in the third dimension was nothing but a projection. It was but an appearance. This, was his true complete form.This world had been rejecting Luo Yuans body as if he would be pushed out anytime. This made him spend a considerable amount of concentration and will every single second. However, he could still keep up with the intensity of his will and its regenerative speed.This was the first time he experienced the fourth dimension in person and was still able to retain his memories. It would also require one to enter the fourth dimension during teleportation but the time spent there was so short it could be ignored. Even if he were to enter the fourth dimension like that, he would have no memory of it.Infinite dark energy flowed like a stormy tide. If every single energy flow here was reduced to a three-dimensional measurement, it would be equivalent to a billion tons of nuclear bombs. The turbulence there was as intense as the ocean.Scientists had once theorized that dark and dark energy occupied about 95% of the particles in the entire universe. However, this proportion was far greater than what the scientists had imagined. After all, when compared to the one true universe, humans only existed within the third dimension that was like a thin membrane around the true universe.As of this moment, Luo Yuan was clinging to this membrane at a speed of at least 10,000 times the speed of light, flying unimaginably fast.Everything in the third dimension existed within the fourth dimension as a giant as well. As he looked toward the third dimension from where he was, he noticed that even a small planet would be hundreds of times larger than Luo Yuan when it was present in the fourth dimension.It was at this moment that Luo Yuan suddenly noticed 10,000 times the speed of light was only the surface of what the fourth dimension had to offer.Once he had distanced himself from three-dimensional factors and further ventured into the depths of the fourth dimension, this speed limit grew.10,000 times the speed of light, 20,000... Soon, he reached 30,000 times the speed of light.Luo Yuan began feeling the rejection grow stronger along with the draining of his will beginning to feel like a flood. He immediately stopped venturing into the depths of the fourth dimension and stopped at 20,000 the speed of light. Then, he flew in the direction of the four-dimensional body.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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