Chapter 539: Space - Its Invisible Dangers

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Chapter 539: Space - Its Invisible DangersTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationIn the past one and a half years, Luo Yuan had lived a secluded life.Luo Yuans residence at the Space City was severely guarded. It was luxurious and spacious. At the same time, it was a solitary and lonely place. The host was a superior person, always looking on human activities coldly.Beautiful outfits, delicious food, power, women... These were all carnal desires that had a weak influence on him as he followed an ascetic life.However, it did not mean that Luo Yuan had no longer have any desires. Being a part four-dimensional being, he was still a sentient creature nonetheless. To seek advantages and avoid disadvantages was a creatures instinct. He would feel happy when something good happened to him. Similarly, he would get angry when something bad happened.He broke away from the materialistic and unthinking conformity as his desires were now, rather simple.Throughout the one and a half years, he would either stay at home or go to the miniaturized universe.Recently, he was interested in space and the fourth-dimension. He was indulged in the peculiarities of the four-dimensional space.Right this moment, he was holding a miniaturized four-dimensional sphere. It would change its shape according to his Will.It looked like a two-dimensional sphere. When a four-dimensional space was put within a three-dimensional world, only its surface could be seen. One would be unable to look into its interior.As a matter of fact, it was an extremely big, hidden space. It was different from the universe. The four-dimensional space, including the miniaturized universe that had a diameter of more than 1,000 kilometers had a negligible amount of dark energy.Based on the latest predictions from scientists, 95% even more of the entire universe was made up of dark matter.However, it resembled a balloon which was filled with light-weight matter and energy, empty and hollow. There was no ocean of dark energy or dark matter within it.This was also due to the limited abilities he had. The dimensionality of the space was not high enough when it was being squeezed out. The miniaturized space could be formed by merely touching its surface. Lacking stability, it would easily fluctuate when slight pressure was applied to it.  However, this would come in handy for his research.Luo Yuan lowered his head and fell into deep thought. It seemed like something interesting had flashed through his mind as he grinned. He then turned the space into the shape of a cylinder by using his Will. He pulled out one end from within while wrapping another end to connect them both. The external world was now connected to the miniaturized space, forming an actual Klein bottle with the four-dimensional space which was originally enclosed.The exterior and interior of the space could no longer be distinguished as if there existed a peculiar circulating opening. Looking from a three-point perspective, it was strange as it looked like a snake that was eating its own tail. At the same time, the tail of the snake curved in and extended out from its mouth. It passed through its head and out to the big space of the universe. There was no need for it to pass through its surface. Of course, the surface being mentioned here was the surface of the fourth-dimension. It was the difference in dimensionality between spaces instead of it being the true meaning of surface.Luo Yuan was interested in seeing his own piece of art.He found out that the opening could exist in a stable manner without any external forces. It could be used as a stable channel to connect two four-dimensional spaces. Therefore, he did not have to open up a new space by force each time.Perhaps I could form such a stable channel in the space sphere?However, thanks to his high computational ability, he noticed that something was wrong. It was a serious issue.In order to examine it, the air surrounding him was instantly decomposed into atoms. Within a fraction of a moment, the atoms immediately went through polymerization and before long, they formed various elements before turning into cells.A palm-sized white mouse was created out of thin air in a centisecond.The newborn little white mouse had just gained its consciousness and it was soon controlled by Luo Yuan. It was at a loss, it then entered the hole and moved around before it quickly got out of it.Looking at the little white mouse, Luo Yuan frowned.It could hardly be recognized as a little white mouse anymore. Its body had turned inside out and its skin could no longer be seen, exposing its bones. Not only were its brain, heart, and organs exposed to air, they seemed to curl up as well. Blood was circulating along the naked blood vessels and the theories of physics were no longer applicable to it.Its body had changed significantly.However, it was still alive. The circulation of blood, the pumping of its heart, and the brain waves were all normal. Seemingly, it remained unaffected by everything that had happened to it. Perhaps this little white mouse did not even realize the changes that had happened to its body since not only had its body been reversed, its thinking might have been reversed as well.However, such an effect would only exist when it was near the hole. As soon as it was rid of the influence of the miniaturized space, the heart and the blood of the little white mouse had lost its support. Under the influence of gravity, blood started dripping down from its body. In just a few seconds, it was dead.Luo Yuan moved his hand slightly. The blood and carcass decomposed into thin air.The experiment had verified Luo Yuans prediction, but the outcome was terrible. Without a doubt, space was the source of power. It was the basis of the existence of matter as any changes that occurred in space would affect matter itself.Despite the distorted space being able to exist in a stable manner, it was only suitable to be used as a weapon of destruction rather than a channel to connect two spaces.Even Luo Yuan, who had encountered such a significant change in space would be killed if he did not pay attention to it since the changes happened quietly. One could hardly notice it as the changes occurred gradually from the body to the mind.However, a person as strong as him would only need to restructure his body if his body turned inside out. It could cause no harm to him. However, if he was capable of noticing it before it happened, he could instead directly defend against the force of the space with his Will.It seems like there is a solution to it! Suddenly, he thought to himself.Perhaps it can be connected by using two Klein bottles?When he was about to carry out the experiment, an energy fluctuation occurred in his room. Luo Yuan stopped and waited for a decisecond. Countless light particles gathered at the wall and soon, a virtual image was created.It was the image of a young woman. She was beautiful and charming. However, she did not look like a real person and of course, she was indeed not. She was the artificial intelligence from the virtual reality that was now responsible for the service management of the main programme in the Space City.Master, the person in charge of the space physics and space distortion laboratory requested to see you.Luo Yuan paused for a moment and said, Please ask him to come in.It had been more than 10 years since the launching of the interstellar flight. Physics was not a field that had much improvement over those years, as they had been exploring the unknown. Regardless of how real virtual reality felt, it only contained information that had already been discovered. In addition, the spaceship was unable to carry out high-energy experiments, although inferences and theories were developed in the past 10 years, there was no way to prove them.The spatial physics and distortion laboratory was focused on two of the severely affected fields.Since the laboratory was built, it gave emphasis to gathering the most talented physicists. However, they had no achievements and were not even comparable to the standards of the Glassians from 10 years ago.The main reason was because their theories could hardly be duplicated. On the other hand, they had been staying in the spaceship all the while. Hence, they could not carry out any experiments. This resulted in ideas that only made it on paper. Despite that being the case, they have been progressing rapidly in the past year.The Glassians had a thorough understanding of space physics. This could be seen from the gravitational force generator equipped on the Glassian mothership. It did not matter if gravity was being caused by spatial distortion or the other way around, the both of them were surely interrelated. It was even possible that they had two functions that could control the gravity. This indicated that humans were just one step away from a warp drive. It was difficult to achieve but it was just like how humans evolved from the original steam engine to better technologies that were more practical in life. It was a huge, yet difficult breakthrough.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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