Chapter 543: The Pace Of War

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Chapter 543: The Pace Of WarTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationAs the Space Citys analog light system gradually turned bright, a new day had come.After Cui Weichuan had taken his breakfast, he said goodbye to his wife and quickly headed towards the magnetic molding laboratory.Thanks to his long credentials over the past 10 years and his ideas that occasionally flashed through his mind, he could now finally be promoted to a junior engineer from an assistant engineer, as he wished. Not only had his salary and welfare increased substantially, he was now in the upper class of the hierarchy.Of course, he was qualified to purchase a flying shuttle car. However, it was expensive and so he grudged paying for that as he used to be provident of his money. Furthermore, the laboratory was near to his house. He could reach there by walking for about 10 minutes, he treated it as training.The Space City was categorized into two areas which were the gravitational area and the non-gravitational area. Most of the experimental organizations gathered at the former. Unless it was required by the experiment, nobody was willing to stay in the non-gravitational area.Basically, the non-gravitational area was an unmanned industrial area.As he walked along the street, it was crowded and unusually noisy.The Space City was undoubtedly a technologically advanced city.There was the glowing vault made of carbon fiber that was hundreds of meters tall which imitated the blue sky and white clouds. It also managed to intimate the soft breeze produced by the airflow, they felt as if they were living in a city on Earth. They did not feel suppressed and cramped at all.Thanks to the unlimited supply of resources, even the conservative government employed many of the manpower and resources to decorate a fantasy-like city.Whats the definition of fantasy? The people would say tall and strange!The skyscraper that towered into the sky was a building with a peculiar appearance.Skyscrapers or buildings with strange shape could not be seen in the Space City. One could only see three to four levels at most and they certainly would not exceed six levels.However, the devil was in the detail. Putting aside all the materials and technologies involved, it was a technologically advanced city. It had highly efficient artificial intelligence powered logistic system, a weather adjustment system according to the changes of the four seasons, a vault that imitated sunlight, a vacuumed train, and a highway in the sky...The advanced technology was adopted in all aspects. The first half of the year, even Cui Weichuan who was working in the research field could hardly adapt to it, let alone the ordinary people. The technology was basically used for military purposes in the past and was less likely adopted for civilian use.It was now all shown in front of the people, causing them to feel like the technology was misused.Most of the ordinary people did not have a thorough understanding of the human technological development. Their educational level was limited as many of them still remained at the same educational level before leaving Earth.However, when they suddenly realized that human technology had become so advanced in about 10 years, it seemed unbelievable to them....On a three-dimensional screen at the crossroads, old songs were being played as usual. Cui Weichuan did not pay much attention to it and quickly walked forward.Human culture after the battle had been left behind as the songs and movies were all that remained during the Reconstruction Era. Hundreds of songs and more than 10 movies were being played repeatedly over the past 10 years. He was bored of listening to them and watching them.Right this moment, Cui Weichuan found out that the crowd suddenly stopped moving!Whats happening? He asked himself in doubt. Looking at the crowd, he noticed that the people were all staring at the three-dimensional screen.He had no idea when the song had stopped playing and a beautiful emcee appeared on the screen.... We interrupt this for an urgent announcement! Soon, the vice-mayor, Bi Jianping appeared on the screen and his face looked grave. He kept quiet for a moment before saying this, The public and the residents, Im the vice-mayor, Bi Jianping and also currently representing mayor Luo to make an important announcement. Bi Jianping carefully said that he was representing Luo Yuan. He was overstepping his authority. Although Luo Yuan might not care, he could still easily become the target of criticism.The year 2010 is a memorable day for all humans. It was the time when the antidote virus was used by the Glassian and caused a terrifying disaster to occur...Cui Weichuan and the crowd that was listening to him had their heart sank and their face gradually turned grave.The Glassians plan with obvious killing intention had killed billions of people. After the destruction, it turned the humans that were struggling to survive into ashes.They were the newborn babies!The weak woman!The senior citizens!There were also our parents, our relatives, and our friends!...Perhaps we are lucky to still be alive.We retreated and escaped. We are finally here, at a galaxy that is about to die, struggling to survive. However, the Glassian are not going to let us go because our existence is a sin.In yesterday afternoon, the sky eye system being installed in space detected the traces of the Glassian. They are coming after us and they are going to wipe us out.Three years, there are three more years to go.The war is not going to end until one party dies and the star is destroyed. Nobody will compromise nor surrender. Be it the army or the citizens, they will live or die together.Now, Im representing mayor Luo to officially announce that humans are getting ready for war....Cui Weichuan and the citizens had subconsciously clenched their fists and their eyes flashed with a trace of fury.One could easily forget hatred as most of them had already forgotten to take revenge on the Glassian. Perhaps they subconsciously tried not to think about it. However, nobody admitted that they were born to be contemptible. Nobody wanted to be killed by the Glassian as if killing a bug.In just one day, the aura of war spread out to every corner. The entire Space City was shrouded in a repressed atmosphere.This day, countless people were angry!This day, countless people were feeling insecure!This day, countless people were eager to fight!...A few days later, they officially started recruiting soldiers.The number of soldiers that they had recruited earlier had reached 100,000. Aside from the small number of the space army, armed forces were not established by humans for a long time. They had to be trained again.Other than that, a modified and more aggressive space defensive plan had officially launched.It was a massive project. Planet No.4 would be used as the center in the plan. The defense range would cover up to a radius of one light day. More than 10,000 gamma-ray cannons and more than 100,000 set of laser and magnetoelastic weapon systems.  Since the development of human technology, the productivity of industries would be less dependant on the number of employees. As they managed to master the unmanned factory technique and the artificial intelligence system, most of the production work could be operated without even a single employee.As long as they had endless resources, their productivity could be duplicated and expanded....Luo Yuan did not pay much attention to their preparation for the war. The spacious mansion seemed to have isolated him from everything. The aura of war seemed to have disappeared as soon as it reached there.Luo Yuan was carefully holding his Zhanmadao as he was afraid that he would break it when he was unaware.The edge of the Zhanmadao’s sharp blade turned back. The blade was chipped as he subconsciously touched it just now.A material that was originally hard, was very soft to Luo Yuan. There was nothing different from ordinary material. Despite having spatial waves surrounding the blade of the Zhanmadao, it was still unable to cut through his skin.The energy of the waves was too weak. An advanced material that had been compressed to a compressibility ratio of 1,000 could perfectly absorb its energy.The sword had accompanied him for more than 10 years. However, it could no longer keep up with his pace.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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