Chapter 535: Quantum Nervous System

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Chapter 535: Quantum Nervous SystemTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationAtoms that had gone through dimensional tears then formed into a group of cells, entering the fourth-dimension again.He then immersed his brain in the hidden power, releasing a beam of light. At the same time, omniscience had filled his heart, causing his speed of thinking to increase for thousands of times. He used to feel that human body remodeling was difficult. Yet to him, it was as easy as drinking water now.However, Luo Yuan stopped moving.He revealed his brain, hanging in the air in silence. After 0.1 seconds, still, Luo Yuan did not move.He suddenly felt that it was the best time for him to completely change his body. Ever since he had entered the fourth-dimension, he felt that his attributes had lost balance as there was a huge difference between them, especially in his Strength and Agility.His Strength attribute was 52-points while his Agility attribute was only 27-points. It seemed like the difference was not too big since the difference in the attribute points was not even twice. As a matter of fact, the difference in abilities was more than 23,000 times, striking him with astonishment.In fact, Luo Yuan actually knew why there was such a huge difference.It was a shackle resulted from the transmission of signals through the human body. Including Luo Yuan and all the vertebrates, nerve cells would carry messages through the conventional way that messages were sent in the form of electrochemical signals. However, there was a limit to the speed of transmission of the electrical impulses. Its speed was merely thousandths of the speed of light. However, even after optimization, the improvement would still be restricted by its own limit.Furthermore, Luo Yuans nervous system had almost been fully optimized. Naturally, it could hardly have any further improvement.In order to match his Strength and the speed of his nervous response once and for all, the only choice he had was to change the whole nervous system, changing it to one with a higher efficiency!Luo Yuan was about to use the quantum nerve cells found in the body of the interstellar creature as a reference. It was one of the ways the nervous system could be further improved, where signals and transmission could be done at a superluminal speed. Based on the theory of quantum entanglement, it allowed nerves to carry messages without any delay.Then, the speed of his nervous response would be as fast as that of his brain!...While Luo Yuans brain was processing quickly, a strong sense of consciousness suddenly broke through the miniaturized universe, arriving at the server of the virtual reality again.The most powerful super quantum computer in the spaceship did not only support the entire virtual reality, it was also the most important information technology repository of humans.A variety of advanced technologies developed in virtual reality would be stored here.Soon, Luo Yuan found all the technical documentation related to the quantum nervous system and human biology. The next moment, a vast amount of data gushed into his head.One second later, he exited the server. A small portion of his consciousness returned to the miniaturized universe within the space sphere.His brain started processing quickly, constructing several complex data models of the human structure in his mind. The models were being rejected and reconstructed.In order to integrate a quantum nervous system into the human body, a simple modification would not work. The nervous system was one of the most important systems in the human body as many aspects were involved and required more complicated computation.If a human body was compared to a computer, then the nervous system would be the operating system. Although the programming language of this system was rather different, its operating mode and functions were somehow similar to the previous one. This was undoubtedly a complex project.After half an hour, only then had he chosen an appropriate solution for the quantum nervous system.He immediately started the experiment.The lonely brain quickly extended downwards to the spinal cord and soon, a crystal-shaped skull and spine appeared out of nowhere, protecting the brain and the spinal cord. It was akin to 3D printing as a perfect human body had appeared!He had pure black hair with a jade-white skin tone, associated with a glossy, glaze surface. He did not even remotely look like a human.Right at this moment, Luo Yuan slowly opened his eyes, feeling that everything was new. His body was so light that gave the feeling of floating in the sky. Since he was at the vacuumed laboratory, his concept of time was a mess. He did not feel strange even after changing to the quantum nervous system. He could only feel that the transmission of signals had become smoother, with more sensitive sense and there seemed to be a slight improvement in his vision. Regarding his sense of hearing and smell, he could not feel anything as he was in a vacuum.He started to move his body, starting by clenching his fist. The flexibility between his joints was quite good and there was no stiffness in his muscles. It seemed like his muscles were quite flexible as well.Luo Yuan could hardly imagine that the muscles were critical substances that had been compressed to a ratio of 1,000. The titanium alloy was as soft as mud when compared to such a substance. However, to Luo Yuan, the difference was not big. Even his skin was soft and everything seemed natural.This was the greatest difference, though. It differed too much from his expectation as he thought that after compression, his body would react rather slowly and there would be no increase in his Strength, expecting that his Strength would be greatly reduced instead.However, things did not happen in such a way.He could feel that he had become even stronger.A thought suddenly flashed through Luo Yuans mind. He immediately checked the mitochondria within his cells by using his consciousness. He discovered that a change had occurred in the mitochondrias speed during the cold fusion.No, this is not cold fusion anymore. Luo Yuan was looking at the internal structure of the mitochondria where there was a white, burning flame. Luo Yuan could not stay calm anymore, This is a mini fusion furnace.Perhaps it was because the strength of the mitochondria had been increased for hundreds of millions of times after compression. It could handle fusion reaction of higher intensity, resulting in an increased mitochondrial fusion.If this happened in the past, only a certain amount of energy could be produced by each mitochondrion per second. However, the amount of energy had been increased for at least ten thousand times.Luo Yuan clenched his fist with all his strength and started to flex his muscles. A terrifying amount of energy gushed out from his body, releasing a scorching light. It was simply a hot plasma flame. He subconsciously had an urge to destroy the wall.Luo Yuan then stared at the wall of the laboratory. It was made of a material with a compressibility ratio of up to 50,000. Its thickness was merely one micrometer, hence it was 10 times thinner than a piece of paper. Seemingly, it could be easily poked through. However, even when Luo Yuan was in the state of transcendence before this, he could do no harm to the wall at all. Not even a single scratch was made.He wanted to see whether the wall could still be completely fine if it sustained a hit from him at his current Strength.He moved his body, following the will of his heart, his thinking and movements were well synchronized. In just an instant, his body appeared in front of the wall as if he had teleported.Soon, Luo Yuan struck a blow. Even humanitys current technology could hardly capture the speed of his attack as it resembled an electric gun that was fired. The speed of his attack had reached one-third the speed of light.After a few nanoseconds, the laboratory was lit up, producing photothermal effects. The whole world seemed to have shifted to the Suns interior.The energy generated by the blow was on par with that of the explosion of millions of tons of hydrogen bombs. The temperature had reached millions of Celsius degrees, filling the entire enclosed space.After half a minute, the dazzling light dimmed gradually.Luo Yuan was hanging mid-air in silence and nothing strange had happened to his body. His skin did not even turn red. Staring at the wall, a handprint that was barely visible appeared on the thin layer of metal.He had to admit that the toughness of this material was unbelievable. Even Luo Yuan who possessed such terrifying power at the moment could do no harm to the wall. However, there were some slight improvements as there were some marks left on the wall at the very least.Luo Yuan guessed that if his Strength could be 10 times stronger, he would be able to break through the wall.He then suddenly felt that something was wrong with his arm. He lowered his head and glanced at his arm, he was shocked to realize that his arm had been broken into four to five fragments. The shape of his fist had been severely changed and his bones were all broken. However, it was strange that he did not feel any pain at all. He was startled for a short moment and realized that he had accidentally ignored the feeling of pain in his arm.Despite the feeling of pain seemed useless as it was a negative feeling, it somehow meant a lot to the living beings. Without the ability to feel the pain, humans would have probably gone extinct. It was part of the human body’s protective mechanisms that helped in avoiding dangers, protecting ones body and avoiding injuries.Of course, to Luo Yuan, the injuries meant nothing to him as they could be recovered anytime. However, without the feeling of pain, he would always neglect them.Fortunately, it was not a big problem. Luo Yuan then fixed his hand and meanwhile, he started to adjust the quantum nervous system that had just been modified.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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