Chapter 561: The Destruction of the Glassian Planet (I)

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Chapter 561: The Destruction of the Glassian Planet (I)Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationBoth side’s technological differences weren’t big. As for targeting the light-speed target such as the Reactionless Drive vessel, there were no specialized weapons to fight against it. Just like during the previous war when Mankind was suddenly faced with supersonic missiles, besides using anti-aircraft gun shooting at the sky blindly and trying their luck, there’s no option.The dangers of the energy ray had spread throughout the fleet’s expedition route as if it was a road to death. Each step taken was a step towards their possible doom.Three hours later, another war vessel had just left the Curvature Flight and drifted along in the darkness of space.Quickly following after that vessel was another war vessel.All the human warship flight crews had a stern look on their faces, not a single one of them was afraid. No one knew who would be the next, but all of them had fully prepared mentally. As the first wave and spearhead of the Reactionless Drive vessel fleet, they were the ones who would be facing the most dangerous task in this expedition. All of them had realized the high probability of death before departing for the mission.Distance from the first target, 3 light days remaining!The reminder from the A.I. made the warship’s commander, Hou Shuwen tightly clench his fist. He estimated that there were 12 hours before their first contact with the Glassians. But this was also the most dangerous 12 hours......Compared with the Humans, the Glassian society had gone into total chaos. Within the flourishing city, where there were originally peace and order, terror and chaos ran rampant. The entire Glassian society was a mess.The Aliens are coming!We are doomed!!Within the two years of emergency war status, the Glassian Government had portrayed Mankind as a force of evil and not a target to be reckoned; to unify all their people. The consequence suffered when their government had announced the emergency warning, requesting all their people enter the underground fortification, was that it sent the whole society into fear.The spaceport was located near the Residential Planet. A vast number of airships ignored the prohibition order and abandon their planet in all sorts of directions, trying to escape from the potential war zone.Most of the airship owners were commoners and the guards that were stationed at the Space Port hesitating for a moment, not preventing the people from escaping. All of a sudden, a surge of airships had joined the deserting fleets.The long sustained peace had long diminished the Glassians fighting spirit. When faced with a weak opponent, they were able to stand tall and proud and fight back. Now, when faced with death and terror, none of them had a peace of mind.There were worse situations, the Reactionless Drive fleet that was stationed near the residential planet awaiting commands couldn’t stand the stress and pressure. Resulting in those ships that were not far away from the residential planet to initiate their curvature engines and join the deserters. The spatial disruption by the warships had caused a huge disaster on the nearby planet, half of the planet’s gadgets and electronics had turned into scrap metal in a blink of an eye. Most of the nearby space defense weaponry and equipment were sabotaged. No doubt that this had put the Glassian in a very bad situation.Even before the arrival of the human’s war fleet, the Glassian society had quickly crumbled.An old Glassian, covered in wrinkled skin, quietly looked at the spatial wavelength source from the holographic screen in the office of the Glassian head of capital. Strings of bad news and the loss of order on society caused him to lose hope.Originally, when faced with a crisis that would threaten the Glassian Civilisation, they should have been united as one. But now, all he could feel was that he had slowly lost control over the country.When he had finally received the news of the mass desertion at the Spaceport in which the 3 vessels of the Reactionless Drive battle fleet had also joined the desertion, the incident had already happened half an hour ago.When he had finally heard what had happened, he felt that his world was spinning and almost fainted. When he had finally gained a grip on himself, he yelled in anger, This is treason! THIS IS TREASON!!! Destroy the invaders! Also..... let the troops mandatory summon and control their respective airships.These airships were the Glassians last hope. Although it couldn’t carry all the Glassians, at least it would save the Glassian from extinction.As for the destruction of over half a planets amount of defensive weaponry brought by the Reactionless Drive War Fleets, he had already ignored those incidents.It’s over, over.... The Glassian are doomed.His heart had filled up with despair and hatred, despair against humanitys strength and hatred towards the colleagues who had restricted him and his geographical influence. Finally, it filled with hatred towards those businessmen who were not cooperative.The Glassian weren’t even supposed to fall into such a desperate situation. If they were to band together and show their true strength, it would be more than enough to last through this crisis. Even if they discovered the danger, the Glassian society still wouldn’t be able to change their nature and they can’t completely enter total wartime status.Not even 1% of the Glassians true strength was displayed, as for the commitment for military matters. There were absolutely no efforts in committing to military matters.The Glassian were loosely ruled over, their jurisdiction was not centralized. There’s also limited central constraints and local authority had most of the governing power. If the effect was not great during the time of peace. When it came to the time of war, such a scattered governing body would not be able to respond to the matter accordingly.However, as to hating these matter, he hated his previous predecessor even more. That idiot who couldn’t do anything at all, if not for the long gone predecessor that had ordered the expedition on earth, the Glassian wouldn’t be facing such threat now.It was him who caused all of this, he’s the sinner for the entire Glassian civilization. He was the one who brought destruction onto the Glassian.The current head of capital of the Glassian race was haggard. Maybe it was time for the Glassian to retreat, otherwise, the Glassian wouldn’t be able to escape at all......Four hours later, the Glassian had finally begun their evacuation.Millions of aircrafts, flew from the 3 residential planets to the nearest Space Port. At first, due to the evacuation plan being declared secretly, there was still some sort of order maintained within society. With the evacuation news finally spreading, the whole society order had suddenly went into chaos. All sorts of crimes ranging from murder to ransacking were spread rampantly like a virus.To enter the aircraft that was at the Space Port, even the most educated Glassians had became violent and ruthless to make sure that they fit within the capacity limit. Once a prosperous civilisation, it had turned into nothing but ruins and chaos, infinitely close to the brink of destruction.At the end, even the Glassian Army couldn’t wait be be a part of the evacuated personnel. Some of the abandoned troops had rebelled and began to steal airships. Each of the residential planets had slowly descended into chaos, the selfishness of the mortals had presented itself most vividly in the face of disaster.After the humans closed in another light-year, they had rapidly slowed down to begin on concentrating fire.As of now, the human’s first fleet had 18 vessels left. During the previous 7 to 8 hours, a total of 12 warships consisting of 360 soldiers had been killed during the journey. If the Glassian had maintained military discipline to the very end, there would be no telling which side would ultimately be defeated.But as of now, the Glassian had lost all hope.Within the shroud of the space, hundreds of thousands of airships had fled from the Glassian Planet, covering the entire Glassian stellar system. Within all those fleeing airships were cargo ships, Reactionless Drive War Ships, and even those light-aircrafts. All of them were like headless flies, escaping in different directions. Even within the residential planets, it was like a sea of fire. Smoke was everywhere and chaos had ran rampant.Almost no one had payed any attention to the human’s warfleet. Even now the volleys of attacks of the high energy rays towards the human war fleets were all manned by the A.I.’s defence mechanism.Even so, when humanity finally crossed that final light day had arrived. Only 5 more of the human’s war fleet had been destroyed.Even with such results, it had made the human war ship’s crew members shout in joy. They felt as if they were blessed by the heavens and at the last light day, it was also the tightest defense area for the Glassians. The human warships that were sacrificed were actually lower than the previous 2 light days.During light-speed traversing, the warships were completely unable to know what was happening on the outside and because of that, they didn’t know that the Glassian civilization had already crumbled before the actual battle had started, and had long started abandoning their posts.The entire Reactionless Drive Warfleet flight route was planned based on the star chart. With the spatial wavelength radar pinpointing and investigating on the Glassian Star system for over a year, the data of the star system’s celestial bodies’ movement were precise. The margin of error did not exceed more than 500 kilometers. They essentially wouldn’t even need to stop when nearing the Star system at all, as what the Glassian did last time.Following the fleet closing in on the Glassians first residential planet, the whole fleet had started to line a crescent form. A beautiful stream of light of shone from the dark sky, and when the crescent line had closed in on the planet, the human’s warships had only 14 vessels left, the heavy artillery cannon had slowly begun to turn and had already charged up their shots with their muzzle begin to light up one by one, glowing brightly throughout the sky.The next moment, 14 rays of bright light shot down onto the first residential planet with the speed of light, as if a meteor.Other than 6 shots had slightly missed the planet, the other 8 shots had landed a direct hit onto the planet.This was a type of high-intensity gamma radiation energy, through human expertise in quantum energy transferring techniques, there were no limitations on the type of barrel being used. It would still be able to overlay the energy for an infinite amount, focusing the energy infinitely. Every shot of the ray was equally matched to a ten-ton anti-matter missile. The powerful penetrating fire caused a part of the energy to directly pierce through the planet’s core. When compared to anti-matter missiles, this weaponry was able to cause even more damage to a celestial body.The smell of death brought by the high-intensity ray as if it was Gods judgment. In an instant, it pierced through the atmosphere, driving through the grounds of the first planet, the surface crust instantly evaporated and wasn’t even able to last a second.It was as if the time at this moment was frozen.The next moment, a sudden bright light shone from all corners of the planet, swallowing river after river, city after city, and lake after lake. The entire planet was shaking.The earth was cracking, the sea was boiling and the underground lava started to explode, and hurricanes began crashing across the planet.Especially after a shot of the gamma radiation ray directly hit the planet’s core. It effectively caused changes in the geomagnetic forces, forming terrifying storms.Within seconds, 70% of those Glassians who still remained on the planet were dead, the remaining 30% were killed in the next minute. Under these kinds of disasters, no matter where you hide, there was no escape, the planet’s scenery was as if it was the apocalypse.The human’s war fleets never stopped. They made a big turn-around and started firing upon the second residential planet, bringing humanity’s destruction upon it......Mankind’s attack had lasted for 3 hours. Every residential planet was attacked in at least 5 waves. When all of the weaponry’s batteries ran out of energy, the war fleet started to leave the star system. Operation Straighten out Huanglong was a success, most of the Glassian had been destroyed. Up next was to patiently clear off all remaining survivors.However, at that moment, the protagonist was not these war fleets anymore. Instead, he was in the high intelligence space fighter vessel.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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