Chapter 542: Disc

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Chapter 542: DiscTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationPlanetary Geological and Meteorological DepartmentThe department was established one year ago. It was also one of the departments that nobody would pay attention to.As the atmospheric layer in Planet No.4 was relatively thin, the temperature was extremely low. The shell of the planet was stable as there was no storms and volcanic earthquakes. Ever since humans arrived at the galaxy, they had never detected any geological and meteorological changes even once.Apart from the period when the department had just been established where an inspection was conducted everywhere and they had to construct detection stations worldwide that caused them to be slightly busy, the rest of the time, nothing seemed to have ever happened.At the same time, it was a big department with 30 staff when it was first established. The number of employees had now been cut down to only four, including the person in charge. If it was not a 24-hour inspection where a shift schedule was needed, perhaps one employee would be enough. Artificial intelligence could now replace humans in all aspects. Seemingly, humans were only needed to perform one final step which was the verification step.  The department was quiet. Qi Xuefeng brewed a cup of tea and sat on the chair that was lingering in the air.He was working the day shift today. Before sitting down, he took a glance at the monitoring screen where a variety of data was being displayed. Everything was normal and of course, that was within his expectations.He leisurely leaned against the floating chair and took out a textbook of adult education. He started reading the textbook and its contents were difficult. It looked like he was suffering from the boring formula and data that were dancing in his eyes.After reading for a few minutes, Qi Xuefeng had a severe headache and he could no longer continue reading.As humans entered the galaxy that was rich in resources after the hypersleep, technology was an integral part of human life. The quality of life had apparently improved and had rather lenient residency restrictions.However, they still lived based on the hierarchy of human. Although he looked relaxed at work, as a matter of fact, there was no difference between his work and the ordinary lower class employees. Not only was he given a low salary, the use of some of the sophisticated products and services were being limited, such as the life extension medical service that he was not eligible to apply for.There were only two ways that he could avoid being classified as a lower class. He would either have to be promoted to a position that was four levels higher or to pass all sorts of qualification exams.Although he was reaching 35 years old, he was still at the lowest level of administrative staff. Be it the former or the latter, it was still less likely that he could achieve that.Qi Xuefeng sighed and put down the textbook. The qualification examination was getting tougher and tougher. He had been reading for more than half a year. However, he only managed to flip through about 10 pages of the textbook. He had to read a total of eight textbooks in order to attempt the qualification exam.He was at a loss. He wondered how his future would be.This was not the happiest time, especially for people like him. There was not much hope in life, it was like the data being displayed on the screen. There was no fluctuation. It was dull and there was nothing exciting.The planet was very calm, as if it had been injected with a large dose of tranquilizers. It was as peaceful as a dead body. Nobody paid attention to the department and it had been abandoned at a corner.He felt that he would go insane one day if he continued working the damn job and doing nothing all day long.Right this moment, it seemed like someone had heard him. The data on the monitoring screen began fluctuating. Some of the screens flickered and turned black!  At the same time, a warning from the artificial intelligence system was heard.Warning, warning! A 2.0 magnitude earthquake strikes the plane. The gravitational force in Zone A1 and Zone A2 is disappearing. The cause of this is still unknown and the subsequent effects are unknown as well. This is a peculiar phenomenon... The information is synced to the Extraterrestrial Information Bureau.Qi Xuefeng was frightened and immediately stood up. He then felt happy as something big had finally happened. Before he could apply to gather the powered satellites and investigate the zones, a message coming from the artificial intelligence system was received again.The reason behind it has been discovered. Warning canceled.What the f*ck is happening?Right this moment, be it the sky eye system located outside of the galaxy or the powered satellites being installed near the planet had taken aim at the location where the strange phenomenon occurred. With the current level of human technology, it was not difficult to detect this as it was like the difference between darkness and sunlight.A broad, long river that was formed by frozen snow had got rid of the gravitational force of the planet and flew towards space. It was a tremendously terrifying scene.Be it the Extraterrestrial Information Bureau or the space detection center, everything became unusually quiet as if all humans had been petrified, gazing at the god-like horrifying scene.However, Luo Yuan did not bother to look at the snowy long river that was flying rapidly towards him. He looked down while holding the space sphere and quickly started setting up the space channel. A section of the miniaturized universe within the space sphere was being extracted, forming a giant part four-dimensional Klein bottle.  Soon, he formed another four-dimensional space in space and modeled a Klein bottle of the opposite orientation from the previous one.Two Klein bottles of different orientations then connected to each other. The miniaturized universe and space was connected.Since he had been practicing for several times, Luo Yuan was already quite familiar with the procedure, aside from the Klein bottle formed that was slightly bigger.It was an extremely big channel and the entrance had a diameter of three kilometers. Even the Glassian mothership could directly enter the miniaturized universe in the space sphere through the channel.However, it was not the end!Next, Luo Yuan was going to do some slight amendments to the complicated channel. It was a precise action, even Luo Yuan had to put a lot of effort into it.The channel made of two Klein bottles of different orientations was actually the process of reversing and restoring space. However, due to the space warps of the two Klein channels being different, the consistency of the Klein channels before and after entering was not guaranteed, hence ones body would experience somewhat of a shape distortion.Perhaps when a person entered, the brain and the body would be distorted despite half of the persons brain still lingering outside. Also, one organ might possibly stack with another organ based on the Planck scale.It was very dangerous!Therefore, to guarantee ones safety when entering and leaving the channel, the precision of the consistency of the two Klein channels had to be extremely high. It had to be measured in Angstroms at the very least.It was difficult for a huge channel to achieve such a precise level.It took him exactly one minute before the readjustments ended. The deviation of the space curvature was about one-third the diameter of a hydrogen atom. In fact, its precision level could be hardly increased. Since the universe and waves from space were constantly interfering, the precision level was already at its maximum.At this moment, the broad, long river was less than 1,000 kilometers away from Luo Yuan. A large amount of frozen snow was decomposed into ionized atoms. Most of the atoms were ones with light mass. They were mainly made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elements, thus Luo Yuan required lesser effort to achieve this.Of course, with Luo Yuans current ability, that meant nothing to him.Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen were forcefully merged by his Will, producing three nuclear atoms with weird shapes. This type of atom was the basic component that formed the space sphere as it possessed the power to isolate space.The space fluctuations would disturb the stability of the channel. Therefore, a material like this was needed to block the effect.The next moment, the atoms were being compressed at full force. The energy released gave off a faint glow and lit up the entire space, resembling a beautiful nebula.As countless atoms were flying and gathering rapidly towards the channel, a matter appeared out of nowhere and spread quickly......It was a giant object lying across the geosynchronous orbit. It was strange to the ordinary people as it exuded a mysterious aura.However, looking from the front, it was merely a big circular ring where its center was connected to the dark space. On the other hand, looking at it from behind, it was a big disc which had a thin exterior and a thick interior. There was a space sphere in the center.However, compared to the giant object that had a diameter of three kilometers, the space sphere that was about 10 centimeters big was seemingly an insignificant object. The whole space channel was being locked in the disc and it was directly connected to the space sphere. 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