Chapter 588: The Four Dimensional War ( III )

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Chapter 588: The Four Dimensional War ( III )Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationEnveloping the four-dimensional figure was a three-dimensional membrane.The three-dimensional membrane was spherical and was thousands of kilometers in diameter. An endless array of dense, multi-colored pillars of light intertwined within the dimensional layer. These pillars did not only exist within that dimension but had pierced through and ascended into further dimensions like a complex, neurovascular network that controlled the movements of the four-dimensional being.This was a four-dimensional war fleet that utilized dark energy as fuel. It was also a weapon used by the Town State of the Pangu Civilization.The Pangurians were very different compared to the humans. They were skinless, and their entire body was made from a blue exoskeleton. The bottom half of their body resembled a spider with four pairs of legs while their upper torso vaguely resembled a human. However, people would find it difficult to describe them as beautiful. They had an expression that seemed like they were wearing a mask, and they looked like the devil himself had crawled out from hell.As for the reason they looked like this... It was caused by the environment on their home planet. Since they came from a star system nearby the Silver Heart Zone, their environment was rather harsh as it was filled with cosmic radiation that was tens of thousands of times more powerful than what it would be if it were at the edge of the galaxy. Occasionally, cosmic storms would frequent them as well.This affected the locations that could sustain life. They could not live in the ocean, so they lived in underground cavities. As the living organisms began evolving and moved toward the surface, some of them evolved to the point of being able to absorb the radiation. Others also evolved to have a tough exoskeleton.In the end, the species which managed to dominate the planet were the ones that evolved an exoskeleton — the Pangurians.Ever since the first recorded history of civilizations, this civilization that was found near the Silver Heart Zone had already existed for a few billion years. About thirty million years ago, after the intense war that had gone on for a few hundred years, the Pangurians had managed to emerge victorious against the previous ancient galactic overlord. Ever since then, they stood at the peak of the galaxy and had remained there until this day.After all this time, this civilization had been through severe civil wars and cosmic level disasters. The most dangerous event that they endured was during the Silver Heart Black Hole incident which caused half of the hundreds of planets within the radius of the Pangu civilization to be wiped out, including their home planet. Although their final population stood at barely eleven people, they still stood strong in the face of the declining numbers. Nothing could shake them from being at the pinnacle of the galaxy.With constant technological development, the universe had unveiled its secrets to them millions of years after they had first begun exploring the mysteries of the fourth dimension. As they treaded into new territory, various physics theories were perfected one after the other while their technology underwent an explosive evolution.Infinite dark energy had made anti-matter obsolete. Spatial warping had replaced curvature flight, and interstellar gates were present on all the planets owned by their civilization. In the end, they were even able to continuously chip at the fourth dimension and move their entire civilization into an isolated micro-universe to prevent it from ever having to endure another cosmic disaster.As their civilization spread its footprints across the universe, they managed to catch a glimpse of the four-dimensional creature in one of their intergalactic exploration missions which caused a huge uproar.From the very beginning, the Pangu Civilization had always thought that life would cease to exist within the fourth dimension. In their mind, only the third dimension could sustain life but ever since that discovery, this idea was completely shattered, and they began feeling an immediate threat toward the survival of their civilization.Theoretically speaking, a four-dimensional being was a dimension higher than a three-dimensional being. This difference was absolute. No matter how powerful a three-dimensional civilization was, they would never stand a chance if they went toe-to-toe against a creature like this. This also meant that there was nothing the Pangu Civilisation could do against a creature like this.Perhaps, the Pangu Civilisations micro-universe could avoid a cosmic disaster. However, against a four-dimensional being that had existed naturally for eons, there was nothing they could do.Under threat of extinction, the Pangu Civilization began investing a huge amount of resources in researching dimensional ascension. They were searching for a way to achieve dimensional ascension to maintain their civilizations eternal safety.From matter to energy, and microbes to intelligent creatures, the Pangu Civilisation was engaged in research for a few hundred thousand years. Throughout the majority of the research period, they faced stagnation in the progress of their research, making it difficult for them to continue.About ten thousand years ago, they utilized light quanta which were a system resulting from a study to collect experimental information from all low-level civilizations within a thousand light year radius.However, the messaging system was unfortunately exposed to a supernova mid-flight and was derailed from its flight path. Following the cosmic storm, it finally landed close to a remove civilization after thousands of years.Although this was a premature experiment, it could be considered a success. With trillions of samples and an experimental body that coincidentally managed to achieve dimensional ascension before completely transforming into a four-dimensional creature, the Pangu Civilisation had managed to collect a vast amount of precious experimental data.In a way, the experiment could also be a failure since the initial goal was to collect as much valuable experimental data as possible, hence the reason for free reign when it came to their growth. This exposed the galaxy to a huge hidden danger. One would eventually reap what one had sown, and the Pangu Civilization was powerless against such threats.Fortunately, this four-dimensional being had already homogenized with the information ocean that existed within the fourth dimension so the creature was neutral. If you did not provoke it, it would not mess with you.However, in order to avoid another mistake and prevent the galaxy from becoming the four-dimensional beings playground, the Pangu Civilization wiped out every last surviving experimental sample and sealed off this experiment.Obviously, they only missed killing the last remaining individual because it was too far away.On the other hand, under the continuous analytic study following the collection of the experimental data on dimensional ascension, the Pangu Civilization had begun building a four-dimensional warfleet in an attempt to monitor the dimensional ascension phenomenon throughout the galaxy so they could wipe out the disaster before it occured to maintain and protect the galaxys stability.To the four-dimensional being, the galaxy was far too small. It could barely contain two four-dimensional creatures, and the Pangu Civilization would likely not want to repeat their mistakes again.However, Luo Yuan was the first person that managed to get this close in the transformation into a four-dimensional being in the past few thousand years....At the same moment, within the control center of this super war fleet, hundreds of Pangurians stared at the light screen filled with endless data and formulas in absolute silence.The time flow over there had been accelerated by tens of thousands of times to be in sync with the supercomputing power of a four-dimensional photon quantum computer. It was able to perfectly receive an astronomical amount of information originating from the fourth dimension. In a way, it was like an actual four-dimensional being.However, the warfare had continued up to this day, causing unease to everyone involved. This quasi-fourth dimensional being was far more powerful than what they had imagined. Compared to an actual four-dimensional creature, he seemed to be wise. This was unprecedented.To this day, this was the second time the Pangurians had waged war in the fourth dimension. The first time was about a thousand years ago when they were trying to slay the actual four-dimensional being which they created. If the time taken to approach the four-dimensional being was excluded, the actual war only lasted for less than a second before the four-dimensional warfleet was completely destroyed.From that point onwards, the Pangurians dared not provoke the four-dimensional being ever again even after a total of a thousand years into the future.The construction of a four-dimensional warfleet was rather difficult due to the sealing of the initial dimensional creature ascension experiment. There was a limited amount of experimental data that could be obtained which made it difficult for them to completely grasp the dimensional ascension technique up to this day.Every successful construction of a four-dimensional warfleet was a gamble. Its success rate was extremely low, and the resources it expended was significant even to the Pangurians that were at the pinnacle of civilizations. It was a herculean task that they only managed to construct three vessels in their four-dimensional warfleet to this day.If there was not absolute confidence, the Pangurians would not even want to undertake the risk of building such an extremely difficult project.Naturally, one of the reasons was also the four-dimensional being although the threat it posed to the Pangu Civilisation was relatively low.In a way, since the four-dimensional being lacked wisdom, it still relied on basic survival instincts. Even if it grew more powerful, everything it did would be for its own survival, and it would only retaliate when it was threatened. However, after that passed, it would hold no grudges.This was not the case for this three-dimensional being. When it detected danger, it would come to seek it on its own initiative.In a certain way, the threat that this living being carried was far greater than the actual four-dimensional being to the Pangu Civilisation, and it had to be completely eliminated.It was at this moment that an alert suddenly rang in the four-dimensional warfleet. At the same time, an oppressive and terrifying presence seemingly slipped through the four-dimensional warfleets dimensional shielding and spread across its control center.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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