Chapter 556: Foot Steps of Revenge

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Chapter 556: Foot Steps of RevengeTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationDays had passed, a damaged Glassian vessel with a huge hole on its hull escorted by a dozen of gigantic engineering robots slowly approached a space-vessel disassembly line built for emergencies nearby Space City. The fate awaiting the damaged Glassian vessel was to be taken apart.Due to safety reasons, this space-vessel disassembly line was built far away from Space City with an approximate distance of 3,000 km. With this distance, there wouldnt be much of an issue for Space City in the possible event that the Glassian vessel exploded during disassembly.The Glassian vessel was being secured on both sides of the vessel by two gigantic fixed clamps. Up to a thousand suits of long-range remote control mech flew into the Glassian vessel through the opening on its hull enthusiastically. All the mech suits were piloted by the brightest minds in their own respective fields, theyll be here conducting an investigation into the innards of the extra-terrestrial vessel to ensure the perfect conservation of the technology and to eliminate all possibilities of an imminent disaster.The armory of anti-matter weapons had to be the priority matter to be handled as to prevent any probable leakage.Because the Glassian vessel had been hit by the Low Orbital Cannon, charged with the high-intensity gamma-ray, both sides of the spaceship had been thoroughly ripped through. The aftershock of the high-intensity energy was leaking out after passing through the control room, reducing it to a scene of absolute chaos. All corners of the vessel had been eroded by the extreme heat and nearly all electronics had been thoroughly reduced to nothing but dust.The might of the Low Orbital Cannon created by mankind proved to be extremely effective against the Glassians. It was too effective in the sense that most of the spoils of war had been reduced to nothing but scraps.However, the researchers were not discouraged because the most vital parts of the spaceship, the engine and the energy reactor, were mostly in good shape since these two parts were mainly constructed from ultra-high-strength alloys. As long as if they didnt take a direct hit, theres little to no chance that theyll be affected let alone destroyed.Not to mention, this was not the only Glassian vessel and all their damaged states varied from one to another. There are some with barely a scratch while others took a heavy hit and the vessel currently in the disassembly line was the nearest and the fastest to reach the disassembly line. In the initial wave of Glassian vessels destroyed by Astro-fighter jets, there wasnt even a dent on the vessels armor plating, meaning that those few vessels were in perfect condition, a prized bull to say the least.The Glassian vessels used a dual-engine system. The first is a standard conventional engine unit, which works under the same principles as what mankind has been using for centuries, the other is a reaction-less drive unit.These two engines were the first to be disassembled....The reaction-less drive unit was urgently sent into Reactionless Drive Testing factory owned by the Aero-Physics and Aero-Curvature Testing Lab, numerous technicians rushed in to have it detailed, reverse engineered and perform studies the moment the unit arrived at the factory.Because the unit is capable of thrusting an interstellar vessel, the vessels engine unit would normally have a large thrust unit. This Glassian Reactionless Drive unit appeared to be even bigger, at 200 meters in height, almost as if its a mountain.There is not a single doubt that this engine unit would represent the pinnacle of the Glassians technological engineering capability. However, when the test results of the engine unit came out, it left people with shocked and disappointed.On one hand, the metal that the unit was constructed upon was a titanium and magnesium alloy which only had a 28 threshold ratio, compared to mankind who would be using a 30 threshold ratio or even up to a 33 threshold ratio, the difference was significant. Under the perspective of mankind, the refinery processing tech and its precision was overly rough and the surface brightness was obviously unsatisfactory.Alternatively, this engine unit was far more developed than the ones still in the humans experimental lab. The force it generated was far greater, but there wasnt much of a technical difference. There werent any obstacles to overcome as long as raw materials are available. With humanitys engineering capability, the unit can be successfully reverse engineered easily.With the engine unit, the knowledge and basics of reverse engineering within three months at most, humanity could replicate such an engine unit. Moreover, even more efficient, smaller and more powerful than the Glassian engine unit.Such is technology, sometimes all that is lacking is but a simple inspiration. If a normal traveler came to the future from the past, he cant immediately create technological marvels including the cell phone or motor cars, but will able to pass down the craftsmanship of the future slowly and as time passes, it will aid the development of human society through decades and even centuries, realizing the dream of huge technological advancements.However, from another perspective, it is also possible to know the Glassian technology in all aspects down to the smallest of detail.mankinds technology could be counted almost as an anomaly, it had always been mainly used for military purposes and hardly ever any commercial reasons, a strong foundation in technological aspect and yet frail in theory. There were plenty of reasons that could explain what causes this phenomenon. For example, the insecurity regarding the survival of the people or the short development time-span, but the main reason for all is numbers of the population.Till this day, even if a million of clones are born yearly, the total population of actual human beings, still remained at a measly 12 million, and almost half of those 12 million people are still minors.Including the brightest minds from the scientific community including the engineers, their ratio compared to the population stood at a shocking 6% of the total population. However, since the total population is small, the number remains at a disheartening amount.The amount of elites scientist that mankind had right now was seven hundred thousand. Maybe before their deathbeds, they could support a great nation with strong growth and positive development. But with the current human race that had entered the space age, all aspects of technological field branches had expanded vastly. All kinds of studies and areas of research had sported, new theories had sprung up from these new studies that challenge the old ideas, an endless amount of knowledge came pouring in as breakthrough after breakthrough came by. The number of researchers available right now is far from enough to quench mankinds thirst for this new knowledge.Among the seven hundred thousand elite researchers, there were ninety thousand of them that had consumed the Intelligent Booster pellets and were known as the super scientist. They were the ones supporting humanitys technological advancements. Even so, each of them can handle only so many tasks at once, so they would generally focus on to the matters that cant be avoided.These researchers methods were normally in line with the military issues. As for those who cant enhance human base strength or cant produce any results regarding the enhancement of human strength, it was unavoidable that theyre often ignored.......As more of those damaged Glassian vessels were being dragged to Space City, equipment in perfect condition was being sent off to their respective research foundations to be examined. In a blink of an eye, a complete Glassian technological review report had been published.The researchers had found out that, humans tech regarding the critical material science, quantum energy transfer, technical engineering capability and precision aspects were much more advanced. However, fields including quantum computation, gravitation physics, nuclear furnace reactors and a dozen more areas were much more primitive compared to the Glassians.In conclusion, the technological advancement of mankind and the Glassians were at the same level.Luckily, the early battle was victorious so that mankind could quickly patch up all their current weaknesses in their inferior technological aspects.For the next 6 months, mankinds technology had been improving at an unprecedented pace/ Advanced engineering skills allowed the humans to replicate the leading technical aspects of Glassian technology without much of a hassle, covering up all their weakness by strengthening themselves in all manners.After all this time, mankind had never once eased up since their victory against the Glassian, their wartime status was still ongoing to this day.It is impossible to have two interstellar civilizations under the territory. Furthermore, the seed of hatred between the mankind and the Glassian had been sowed, there will be no end to this conflict until one of them is eradicated.To say that this war changes anything, that would be that mankind had become more confident ever since their first battle. Originally, mankind looked up towards the Glassian, then they began viewing them as equals and then finally looking down on them. These were also reasons that caused vengeance to become much more personal. The passion for war has grown throughout Space City.The vengeance stood for the billions of humankind massacred as well as abandoning their home planet. All these filled mankind with dishonor and shame, these feeling of hatred had been brewing for two decades. These emotions were the main driving force for mankind, it only allowed nothing but success.The new war machine had been activated.But this new war was not about defending, rather to be the aggressor, the one who starts the attack.The Glassians had decided when the war started but had no idea when the war would end.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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