Chapter 533: Barnards Star

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Chapter 533: Barnards StarTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationBang!Although it was less than ten-thousandths of a second, Luo Yuan had completely restrained the deadly aura that he was exuding. However, it had still caused a significant impact on the spaceship, especially the laboratories in the residential area.A strong wind blew the very next second and countless debris started flying everywhere.  After restraining all his strength, Luo Yuan was completely isolated from the dark energy. As soon as a large portion of energy had subsided, he suddenly had an illusion that he was going to collapse.He felt like he had suddenly returned from being a God to a human, feeling lost.Luo Yuan recovered from his thoughts the moment he heard the alarm resounding through the entire spaceship. He shook his head and sighed. He gently waved his hand and in an instant, it seemed like he could turn back time as all the debris had returned to their original positions. At the same time, part of the matters decomposed quickly, undergoing nuclear fission...The clothes then reappeared on his naked body.He then gradually descended back to the ground from mid-air. Before he could even stabilize himself, the ground cracked again. He was startled and soon, he quickly responded to it. The weight that he was carrying was not what an ordinary ground could bear.He weighed only about 10 tons in weight. However, he was holding the space sphere.The space sphere that had a weight of more than 20 tons had exerted all its force on Luo Yuans feet. Under such pressure, even the critical metals that had a low degree of compressibility would become extremely weak.Luo Yuan sighed. He then decided to reinforce the spaceship once and for all.To Luo Yuan, the spaceship was too weak. Often when one was not aware of it or encountering any dangers, it would get severely damaged. Moreover, it was troublesome to repair it each time he returned from outer space.Naturally, Luo Yuan could restrain his strength before teleporting back to it, provided that the distance between them was short and the spaceship was either remaining stationary or flying at a slow speed. If the spaceship was traveling at such a fast speed, he was incapable of doing it.He must remain in the same state before and after teleportation. If he was standing still before teleportation, he had to remain still after teleportation as well. However, the spaceship was moving at a very fast speed. If he wanted to be safe, his speed had to be the same as that of the spaceship. Otherwise, he would crash into the spaceship at half the speed of light.Such an effect resembled the explosion of a hydrogen bomb in the spaceship. Putting aside the possibilities of the spaceship collapsing, humans would definitely die in an instant. However, to travel at half the speed of light in the state whereby his strength was restrained, he was incapable of doing so even with his 27-points of Will....His Sense was spreading out everywhere. Despite the fact that after restraining his aura, his strength had been greatly reduced, he could still cause an impact on the spaceship.The next moment, be it the interior wall of the spaceship, the floor of the spaceship or even its armor, desultory gleams appeared on them. It was a phenomenon where a lot of atoms had left the matter, moving around freely.Although he had just started, Luo Yuan felt that he was too careless. Apparently, due to a prolonged period of time being in the state of transcendence, his ability in precisely determining his own abilities was affected. There were some errors in the calculations as he had slightly overestimated his current ability.Everything was normal. However, he had to put in more effort in handling the deck on the surface of the spaceship.Meanwhile, the spaceship was flying at an extremely fast speed. The temperature on the surface of the armor had risen to about 6,000 degrees Celsius. In addition, the spaceship was struck by a large speck of dust, causing the atoms to vibrate vigorously. This had also resulted in an increase of the difficulty level while controlling Luo Yuans Will. If he was in the state of transcendence, it meant nothing to him. However, right this moment, Luo Yuan got very stressed.Fortunately, it was not a big mistake and it was still within his abilities. He frowned, releasing all his Will. The atoms that were moving freely were instantly secured by his Will and soon, they started to collapse after being manipulated by it.The next moment, the abnormal miniaturized atoms were being compressed forcefully on the surface of the original matter. Soon, the armor became darker, leaving a shiny black surface as if it was coated with a thin layer of black light film.The thickness of the thin film was only about 10 micrometers. It was a few times thinner than the diameter of a strand of hair. One would not feel its thickness at all. Since his strength had been reduced, the compressibility ratio was only 4,000. However, its hardness and strength were still beyond imagination.The armor equipped on the outer surface of the spaceship that initially had bumps and hollows all over it had now become shiny and smooth as if it was completely new. Although it was hit by a large amount of dust flying at half the speed of light, nothing had changed. Not even a scratch could be found.Luo Yuan descended to the ground again. Other than the floor shaking a little, nothing changed....The process sounded long. However, it had been less than 10 seconds since Luo Yuan had entered the spaceship.Right when the top management was still feeling doubtful in the control room, the main screen of the artificial intelligence system started to shake vigorously as if there was an extremely strong interference. One-third of a second later, Luo Yuans image appeared on the main screen. As he gazed upon everyone with a stony expression on his face, he said, Hello everyone!  There are some changes. Ive underestimated my abilities... However, its a good thing. We will arrive at Barnards Star soon, at most two years. However, before that, the spaceship has to stop operating!  The screen flickered for a while and soon, it returned normal.Before Luo Yuan left, he modified the Glassian artificial intelligence kernel program. Everything left by the Glassian had been cleaned, removing all hidden threats.At the central control room, Bi Jianping rubbed his face that had turned stiff, feeling that everything was unreal.Arriving at Barnards Star in two years, was Mayor Luo kidding?He looked at his colleagues around him and everyone had the same expression on their face. They exchanged glances with each other, looking stony....However, no matter how ridiculous it sounded, everyone obeyed Luo Yuans instructions. The spaceship had officially activated the stop program. As a matter of fact, the stop program had been activated even before this. They just had to continue with it now....As the spaceship was decelerating, Luo Yuan would leave the spaceship occasionally. He would be missing for at least 10 days or sometimes even a month.The miniaturized universe within the space sphere was being expanded gradually over time.It initially had a diameter of about 300 kilometers. As it expanded and before the spaceship had finished decelerating, the miniaturized universe had expanded to 1,500 kilometers in diameter. It was almost half the diameter of the Moon.Of course, during this period of time, Luo Yuan did not spend all of his time removing space. He spent half of his time at the new laboratory in the miniaturized universe. Being in the state of transcendence, difficulties that he encountered during the past could now be settled. Everything was progressing well in the laboratory. The body compression experiment was going to end real soon.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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