Chapter 554: The War Has Ended

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Chapter 554: The War Has EndedTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationAs he soon as he got back to himself, perhaps it was because his consciousness had been constantly struggling with the ocean of data in his mind or because it had not been used for a long period of time and had been accumulating, Luo Yuans Will had improved to some extent.In a short period of time, his Will had achieved 30 points.Just then, even if his four-dimensional vision had been released, even encountering the invasion of a huge amount of information, his Will still remained as stable as a rock.Of course, after a long period of time, it was inevitable that Luo Yuans mind would be twisted and affected since it would be a slow invasion process. It would secretly assimilate within his mind and in turn, could possibly twist it when he was not aware of it. He would not be able to sense it happening at all.However, thanks to his 30 points of Will, he had managed to remain conscious for a short period of time. During this period of time, computations had been done.As soon as his four-dimensional vision had been activated, Luo Yuans vision seemed to have left the spaceship. His eyesight had been improving endlessly, in a way of how one was looking down from a height, gazing upon the entire world. Furthermore, his vision did not rely on light. It was the true definition of superluminal speed detection as his vision could witness everything at almost the same time.It was described as almost the same time since there would still be some slight delay with his four-dimensional vision. Even for speed that was far beyond superluminal, the delay would still be a few seconds, given that the distance was measured in lightyear units.Before he interfered with the war, Luo Yuan first hacked the artificial intelligence system of the spaceship. He then secretly hacked the control platform of the defense system which was installed in the Space City via the quantum communication system in the spaceship.As he looked towards the Glassian fleet, thoughts were quickly changing in his mind. Countless prediction scenes flashed through his mind rapidly. If he was to merge all the prediction scenes that ran through his mind in one second, it would be a playback that one could watch for several years.The next moment Luo Yuan got his desired results.He then pressed the button. He did not act quickly, and one could even say that he was acting slowly, as if he was not engaged in a war but instead in a game.He did not wait for the results and soon, he looked at the next spaceship!Even the cannon that was nearest to the spaceship would only show up after a few minutes....Currently, the war command center of the Space City was a mess where terror had filled the hall.Despite it being within human expectations and training particularly given to them for this scenario, when it was actually happening they were still feeling helpless and hopeless. With the current human technology, they would be unable to break through such an attack.The whole process of the human space defense system began from the detection of a target, issuance of firing instructions, storing of energy and the launching of an attack in order to shoot the target. The entire highly intellectualized process required only 0.1 second. Despite, it was not absolutely accurate to say that it required only 0.1 second, as each time a shot was being fired, the time taken would fluctuate due to certain factors. However, an adjustment would be made automatically by the fire control system. The difference in time would never exceed 100 nanoseconds.However, facing a target that was so far away and even moving at a superluminal speed in addition to the exact position of the target being unknown, the probability of hitting the target was 10,000 times lower than winning a lottery.Ever since the war began, attacks had been launched by humans thousands of times. However, not even a single Glassian warship had been destroyed.Bi Jianping was looking at the central three-dimensional screen in a trance. The light dot representing the Glassian fleet was approaching the Space City quickly. His eyes had become dull.Humans did not stop their counterattack. As the Glassian warships were getting closer to the Space City, the attacks made had become more frequent as well. Countless high-density rays were being released, causing the temperature of the whole galaxy to increase by five degrees Celsius, lighting up the dark space.However, those attacks could do no harm to them.There were less than six hours left until the arrival of the Glassian fleet. To some extent, it was like a countdown timer of his life.After looking at it for a while, he had no idea why he had managed to calm himself down as he originally felt nervous.He was ready to sacrifice his life!Please inform those stationed outside to leave. We dont need their help for this war! Bi Jianping said calmly.Yes, Mayor Bi! An officer who accompanied him was stunned and immediately answered.Bi Jianping then turned back, looking out of the window. He remained still as he stared at the beautiful scenery of the city.The rest of them could leave but he could not.Especially when he was nominally the chief commander of the war and also the top management. Even if the Space City was being destroyed, he had to be on the front line.During the propagation of the war that had been done throughout the years, nobody knew as well as him how much humans hated the Glassian. Humans were aroused.For the war between humans and Glassian, humans would definitely not be able to accept a deserter, there must be a person to bear the responsibility for the failure of the war.The one who was being granted the authority had to bear the responsibility, despite the fact that they were being defeated because of some objective factors and not because of his personal fault.At that moment, an alarm was suddenly heard at the war command hall, creating a stir in the hall. However, before a further investigation had been done, the alarm stopped ringing abruptly.What happened? Bi Jianping asked, remaining calm.There was an unusual data leakage on the system as if it had been hacked. Strangely, it recovered after a while.Bi Jianping was stunned. Soon after, he felt that the situation was somehow familiar, as if he had come across this before. Is this a normal situation?Its less likely for it to happen. The quantum computer used in the control platform of the space defense weapon is of a new generation. Its computational ability is more than enough. Unless it was a network intrusion, otherwise, it is impossible for this to happen. The Glassian have launched the warp drive flight mode. According to our estimation, under such a situation, they cant do anything other than traveling. Perhaps the space wave has affected our electronic devices. We will make an arrangement for further inspection. The officer said as his face turned grave.However, Bi Jianping was no longer paying attention to what he was saying. It seemed like the officers voice was echoing from afar and he had no idea what he was talking about.He suddenly recalled why the situation seemed familiar to him.It was because it happened in that exact same way earlier when that person appeared!Could it be that he was finally helping them out!He quickly lifted his head, staring at the central screen. His eyes were glowing, as if he could see that the person who was as powerful as God gazing at the Glassian fleets coldly through the screen. As the thought ran through his mind, he shivered.Who would want to die if there was a chance to survive?As time passed, he was suffering dreadfully.Six minutes passed.The voice of the artificial intelligence system echoed through the entire hall.It has been detected that one of the opponents warships has left the fleet and has been destroyed by us.The hall suddenly fell into silence. Everybody had a stunned expression on their face as it was unbelievable.However, this was just the beginning.10 seconds later, another Glassian warship had been destroyed.Next came the third, the fourth, and lastly the fifth...One of the warships seemed to have been struck by an antimatter tank ammunition fused with the defense mechanism of antimatter. The explosion was 100 times brighter than sunlight and the space was all lit up in an instant.Seemingly, everybody was petrified as they had remained still. One could even hear a pin drop in the hall, as there was only the voice of the artificial intelligence. Every time when its voice was heard, It was like an unrealistic dream to humans.According to an investigation that has been done, all the targets have been destroyed. The war has ended.In just one minute, the space wave representing the Glassian fleet had completely disappeared. Only seven broken spaceships could be seen on the screen, quietly hanging in the deathly stillness of space. It was akin to a cold coffin.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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