Chapter 536: Everything Has Changed

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Chapter 536: Everything Has ChangedTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationAside from the feeling of pain, his sensitivity towards the environment had to be further improved as well. Luo Yuans current speed of thinking was sufficient to handle a large amount of information. He was previously restricted by his nervous system which resulted in a delay in his ability.However, he had no more restrictions now.His sense of vision, touch, taste, smell, and hearing had to be enhanced so that they could be well suited to his brain.Adjustments had been ongoing for several days and it was only until the fifth day that Luo Yuan returned to the spaceship.The moment he entered the spaceship, he could hardly adapt.Luo Yuan was at a desolate place where it was quiet and peaceful. However, right at that moment, he felt that it was very noisy. A vast amount of information gushed into his head through his five senses.The entire world seemed to have undergone a drastic change!He could see the changes in each of the atoms that appeared in the air and computed its next trajectory path by instinct. He could sense the texture of the atoms that collided with his skin and instantly determine the power they possessed.The difference in the smell released by each of the atoms could also be determined, as well as distinguishing their composition...He could barely sense any difference when he was in a vacuum. Right this moment, the side effects of the adjustment of organs appeared.Fortunately, Luo Yuan could quickly adapt to it in just a few seconds.Right now, Luo Yuan was no longer a person who needed about 10 days to half a month in order to adapt to the environment. This was what happened in the past when his Agility increased by one point. Thanks to his quantum brain with super speed, he managed to have absolute control over his body as well as the environmental information.The changes in the sensitivity of his sensory organs from the transformation were minor. The greatest change would be the transplantation of the quantum nervous system which resulted in the synchronization of his body and brain. His response speed would be as fast as the processing speed of his brain.Furthermore, the processing speed of his brain was hundreds of millions of times greater than that of the human brain. When computation was done at high speed, the whole world seemed to have remained still.Of course, when he moved, there would be some unavoidable delays. It would not be as quick as the speed of his thought. However, his response speed was 10,000 times faster than before. In addition to his strong body with 1,000 compression ratio, there were significant changes in his abilities compared to what he had a few days ago....March, 2032.It was an old spaceship that had been flying for 11 years. It had finally stopped.The engine of the spaceship had shut down and gradually descended from space. At the same time, the people who went into hypersleep were awakened and got out from the hypersleep chamber.11 years had passed for those who just woke up from hypersleep. However, everything had changed to those who had remained conscious.Huang Jiahui, Zhao Yali, Wang Shishi and the rest of the women saw Luo Yuan in the laboratory. However, what they could see was only his figure.Countless space waves fluctuated around him, colliding with each other. There was an endless strong wind blowing around him. Even though they were just standing at the door, they could hardly breathe.Luo Yuan, you...The people were stunned as it was unbelievable.They felt strange and insecure, seeing the blurry shadow in the strong wind.Luo Yuan remained silent. He was getting colder and colder to them due to his ability to think at high speeds. He tended to be absolutely rational.Brother Luo, what happened to you? Im Shishi, dont you want us anymore? Wang Shishi said in fear while her eyes were full of tears.Still, Luo Yuan did not move. Everyones heart sank. They were drifted apart and he was cold to them. They were frightened.The mutant standing next to them shouted nervously. She wanted to approach him but she dared not do so. She could feel that the figure was scary, possessing a destructive power beyond comprehension.However, Wang Shishi did not care about it and headed towards Luo Yuan with tears in her eyes. The strong wind blew against her before she could even approach him and she felt a pain in her skin as if it was being scratched.Luo Yuan sighed and finally turned his body back. At the same time, all the fluctuating waves around him that lingered in the air rapidly subsided as he released his Will. Everything was very peaceful now and all the leaked energy was suppressed by his Will!Right this moment, the people could finally have a clear look at his face. Their heart skipped a beat.His fair skin looked hard yet shiny as the light got reflected. His body did not emit even a hint of human aura and it was terrifying.If he did not move, one would think that he was a delicately made white ceramic sculpture.Luo Yuan looked at the people coldly. They did not seem to age despite having gone into hypersleep for 11 years. They were still as pretty as they used to be, like the charming flowers they once were. However, all these could no longer trigger him.Please leave! Luo Yuan said softly. Despite the fact that it was soft, it somehow sounded like metal with an immense penetrating power which deterred all of them....The women had finally left. Luo Yuan gazed at the door and stood still. He did not move.All the scenes immediately flashed through his mind.They helped each other out when they were in danger. During the Reconstruction Area era, they comforted him. These were all supposed to be their beautiful memories. However, the memory had faded and it seemed dull to him.His memory did not change as he could still remember everything and it was even clearer than before. What had changed was his mentality.The people would cry over their favorite toy when they were young. However, as they grew up, they would no longer like it. Similarly, lust and the relationship between humans were undoubtedly unnecessary and meaningless to a part four-dimensional being.He refused to become a four-dimensional being where he would grow stronger previously. However, he was the one who was asking for it now so that he could evolve. Ever since he possessed a quantum brain, this was the change that he had to experience.It was his destiny to be lonely. However, he enjoyed loneliness.There was no way he could travel back in time!...Mid - March, 2032.All the top management and crews were waiting in the control room. Countless power monitoring devices were scanning every corner of the spaceship. As they got nearer to the scheduled time, the atmosphere became heavy.Nobody knew what would happen next.Despite receiving Luo Yuans instruction, everything was still unclear. What he said was straight to the point. Nobody dared to ask any further. Ever since Luo Yuan entered the fourth-dimension, he was cold. After living a secluded life, his dignity was unaffected. Instead, he became more dignified and the people respected him like he was God.He was secretive, dignified, and terrifying.Many of the top management could still talk with Luo Yuan in the past. However, all of this would no longer happen. The people were frightened and shriveled, seeing the human shadow that looked like porcelain.Theres only half a minute left! Bi Jianping was sitting in his seat and put his safety harness on. He said softly while looking at the time.Tian Jinping nodded his head. He kept quiet and took a deep breath. He was nervous.Luo Yuan instructed them to enter the miniaturized universe.However, nobody knew what the miniaturized universe was.Was it a parallel dimension? Or was it a dimensional plane between dimensions?How was the environment inside the miniaturized universe? Was it dangerous? Would it affect the spaceship?Everything was unknown!Despite the engine having been shut down earlier, the spaceship was still flying at a speed of hundreds of kilometers per second. Nobody knew if an accident would occur!However, no matter how worried they were, they had to follow with their eyes closed.The artificial intelligence system started counting down:Ten, nine, eight... Three, Two...Warning, warning!A powerful wave has been detected 1,000 kilometers from us. A distortion in the light has occured.Keep moving straight! Bi Jianping instructed in a deep voice. Beads of sweat began appearing on his forehead. He looked at the screen and there was a faint shadow that appeared in the sky.Soon, his pupils dilated. He was shocked, discovering that the shadow was expanding rapidly.According to the data obtained, the shadow originally had a height of 2.1 meters. However, it had now reached the height of more than 100 meters.It continued expanding.500 meters...1,000 meters...Three kilometers...The sky could no longer be seen and it seemed as if the spaceship was entering an entirely new world.As soon as the light disappeared, what appeared on the screen was a giant that was five kilometers in height.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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