Chapter 559: The Wind Rises

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Chapter 559: The Wind RisesTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationTime flew since the war ten years ago. The Glassian and the Mankind had a negotiation marathon under humanity’s initiative in revealing their weaknesses and hiding their strengths to the Glassian. Finally, a treaty had been signed after four years.An official peace treaty that forbade the violation of peace between the two intergalactic civilizations had been established.Obviously, these types of peace treaties were only verbal promises, there’s no one reinforcing the treaty’s effect and binding effects.However, Mankind’s preparation for war had not been slowed down by any means, rather they began speeding up their pace. After a decade of insane expansion, Space City’s diameter had expanded by over a thousand times.Due to Space City transforming to a colossal urban area, it had cause massive geological changes on the 4th planet. Frequent earthquakes heavily impacted the mining of resources on the planet, which in turn caused the massive Space City to take earthquake countermeasures three years ago by increasing the city’s altitude. In turn, it changed the planet’s orbital path. As of now, it began slowly orbiting into the infinite abyss of space. Now, the 4th planet was actually the 4th Satellite.Circling the massive Space City was countless numbers of airships and shuttles moving in and out of the ports like schools of fishes, abnormally busy.However, most of these space shuttles were just cargo ships, with their simple structures that enabled swift and ease of manufacturing, one of these types of cargo ships can be built within two months. Currently, the whole human race owned a hundred billion tons of these cargo ships, capable of shipping up to a billion tons of massive raw material from the 4th Planet and into Space City in a daily manner, quickly becoming the most crucial factor to all other industrial sectors.......Hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from Space City.A giant facility shaped that looks like an umbrella, under the workforce of countless engineering robot,s gradually approached its completion.This is an astonishing large structure, it’s diameters spanned dozens of kilometers. With its weight of up to ten billion tons, the five cargo ships that had landed at its side looked as if those ships were mice compared to a dinosaur. Even to humans from the current era, this was no small task.The structure was shaped like a radar, it was a radar. However, it’s not your typical electromagnetic radar, but rather a Spatial Wavelength detection and lock-on radar.The radar included an extremely high effective spatial wavelength emitter, spacial wavelength receiver, electronic scanner, and a data analysis center. It was used to observe all the intel within a radius of a hundred light years.Ever since, the previous war with the Glassian, when the Humans were faced with the Glassian’s light-speeded space shuttles, it was an utter defeat. There was nothing that the Humans could do about it but to learn from it after the war. Mankind had spent countless amounts of resource, manpower in researching, and perfecting upon light-speed transversing technology.However, up till two years ago, following the countless technological innovations and advancements in all foundation techniques and skills, Mankind had finally broken through the barriers of light-speed transversing technology.Honestly saying, the probe onto the theories of light-speed transversing was not complicated, except for the fact that there’s an extra spatial emitter. Both the spatial emitter and the Spatial Wavelength detector were from the same principle, the only hurdle was that the Spatial Wavelength detector requires an extremely unnatural, sensitive level.Everyone knew that mankind could mass-produce attraction force and that the attractional force would produce spatial curvature and compression. If you think of space as the sea water from the ocean, then the matters found in space was like a dam with a slightly higher density and when the spatial wave passed through these matters. When both of them collided, it would cause some slight spatial wavelength movements echoing in the opposite direction.These wavelengths would then be picked up through the Spatial Wavelength Detection Radar, the matter’s distances and size could be calculated through the wavelengths’ traveling duration and the wavelengths’ energy intensity.All of these were technically very simple, but when it’s put into practical use, all of their difficulties had practically halted human progression right in their tracks.Since not every detected matter were neutron black holes possessing a huge attractional force. Similarly, a space vessel that had a few billion or even several ten of billions of tons of matter, their attractional forces were so weak that it’s almost undetectable. The feedback attractional wavelengths will be even weaker and could only be indirectly observed during the lepton stage.Moreover, even when the wavelength was observable under the lepton stage, these leptons will always go through the quantum probability movements. Furthermore, confusing the feedback is the effect from the spatial wavelength except if the lepton had completed stopped its activity and remained stationary, but this is related to absolute zero which is also the pinnacle of physics.Every step in order to practicalize such feat was a very difficult task. That’s why in these past few years, following a new generation of humans stepping into the work, there was originally some stagnation on the development of the technology sector that had finally gained some momentum. Every basic technological sector had continuously improved and finally broke through the barrier for light-speed transversing technology.The next generation of humans taking over the project at least had the intellect of a genius. When in comparison to standard average humans, every one of them was among the top of their peers.Although they still weren’t smart enough when in comparison to the scientists who consumed Intellect pills. But in many different occasions, the research sector was not about who is the smartest. Rather it was whose achievements would be higher, the sector was more about focus level and the occasional inspiration. Not to mention, the vast number of individuals could potentially make up for all their losses.A staggering 90% of the next-gen humans who had matured entered the research sector, greatly making up for mankind’s lack of talent and profession within the field. Overall strengthening Mankind’s technological advancement sector....Up in the sky, Luo Yuan had quietly looked onto the faraway Space City.Humans, who had nothing, managed to reach the barren star domain and remained at their sharpest till this day. Luo Yuan could be said to have witnessed Mankind’s growth and energy. This is a form of booming development power and maybe one day, it would be the dominant forces on this planet, becoming an advanced civilization.Only that this time, he couldn’t see it anymore.The hidden disaster of the fourth dimensional is that it made him unsure of the amount of time that he could remain in the third dimension. He briefly sighed, a bittersweet emotion was found deep within him.As of this moment, there’s a dim light glowing out from his whole body. A strong energy, which followed the movements of his body, formed a slight ripple around the space. His whole body had entered the higher state and in the radius of within a few billion kilometers, an endless stream of information had flowed into his brain like crashing waves. A whole new omniscient feeling, time to time, eroding onto his will.At this moment, he felt like he was an Almighty God, there’s nothing that could stop him. But the actual fact is that it’s true to the point as within this state, he could control every matter within a few billion kilometers of his radius.But his willpower remained strong as a rock, the vast amount of information rushing into his mind began eroding his conscious. He still managed to remain in an woke state, not even tempted by his god-like powers. All these tears under the opposing forces of both his consciousness and the information, his willpower grew ever stronger at a shocking pace.Till now, he had completely released all the blocked off information channels. Not only were his five senses recalibrated to their peak form. Even his forehead’s plasma layer was totally abandoned. He had already got used to this powerful flow of information, his consciousness and willpower had become the true master of his body.Suddenly, Luo Yuan lifted up his head and looked far away. One test pilot fleet, from the distant star domain, came rushing all the way into the Barnard star system at very fast speed. This is only one of the ten fighter vessels fleet, the testing fleet finally returned after two years, when the five new vessels of the same ship were taken into account. In just a short few years, Mankind had formed a 15 vessels fleet of Fighter Space Shuttles symbolizing their powerful conquering potential.From this side, it’s easy to see that Mankind’s engineering manufacturing technique was far superior to the Glassian. As for the Glassian, they could only produce Reactionless drive fighter ships in a small scale, but Mankind could produce it in batches.The war will begin shortly!Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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