Chapter 553: Engaging for the Second Time

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Chapter 553: Engaging for the Second TimeTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationWith Luo Yuans current power, such a war could no longer trigger him. As he entered the state of transcendence, he was capable of stopping the Glassian from traveling with warp drive in merely one second and at the same time, he could also make them decompose into atoms.However, he resisted his urge to act impulsively. This war was very much like a baptism of blood and fire to the humans. It was a trial for them, achieving interstellar civilization status from the planetary civilization one. Regardless if it was a victory or a defeat, it would still be a valuable experience for humans.Right at that moment, Luo Yuan raised his head up, looking at the Glassian spaceships that were lingering mid-air as they were being attacked by the human space fighters.The next moment, he teleported and appeared next to one of the spaceships.On the streamlined spaceship, there were obvious signs that it had been attacked by the gamma-ray cannon of a space fighter. The streaks were formed after it being melted by the high temperature and condensed right after. It looked like a frozen wave engraved on its surface.All the information of the spaceship gushed into Luo Yuans mind with just one glance.The armor of the spaceship was made with an advanced metal that had been compressed to a ratio of about 25. It was weaker than the metal normally used by the human interstellar spaceships that had been compressed to a ratio of 30. However, the energy level of the space fighter could hardly get through the armor of the Glassian spaceship.The thickness of the armor of the spaceship had reached about 50 meters but the gamma-ray cannon only managed to melt about 10 meters of it. The main impact came from the penetrating power of the gamma-ray.Soon, Luo Yuan entered the spaceship.He immediately blocked his sense of smell as a pungent smell reached his nostrils when he entered.It was filled with smoke and everything was burnt. Many of the parts were still burning and flashes of lightning appeared occasionally. It looked like an explosion of a nuclear bomb had happened and he could no longer see the original look of the spaceship.Luo Yuan waved his hand, all the smoke and flames disappeared in an instant.As it was destroyed by the gamma-ray, most of the equipment was damaged. However, he somehow felt familiar with the internal design of the spaceship.The human technology and the Glassian technology were derived from the same origin to some extent. The human spaceship was built by referring to the Glassian first generation spaceship. Perhaps humans would need to spend around 100 years for a significant change in technology where the imprints of the Glassian technology would disappear completely.The human warship looked more like a warship whereas the Glassian warship looked like a dual-use spaceship.It was big and spacious. However, they had wasted the space they had. This would not happen in the human warship as space would be used effectively in order to prepare for the war.A large number of fuel cells that were as tall as skyscrapers, countless fusion furnaces, almost all the empty spaces were used to prepare for the war.Perhaps it was because they had never encountered any dangers, the Glassian spaceship looked peaceful enough. However, humans had never stopped engaging in wars ever since the apocalypse. They were struggling to survive even after leaving Earth. During the evacuation, they were getting themselves ready for war as well.Luo Yuan was jealous as he recalled this. Such a race was not qualified to exist in the universe....The Glassian had only traveled a distance of two light years and then returned.When a war happened again after the humans had taken the lead for the first time, it had then turned out to be a one-sided battle.Countless high-density energy beams streaked across space but they failed to hit the target.Glassian had completely given up on the weapon system attack. They rushed towards them with only their warp drive. One and a half day later, one of the human spaceships passed by and then it instantly stopped.Fortunately, the distance between the three spaceships was big enough so that they were not all destroyed.However, it was meaningless.When the opponent was not identified and no attacks could be made, regardless of how many spaceships remained, they were all rendered useless.In addition, the Glassian had obviously learned a lesson, they were no longer flying in a straight line. They started flying on a curvature path, resulting in the probability of hitting the target by luck to be even lower.All the weapon systems could no longer identify, estimate, or accurately determine the location of the target.All approaches were rendered useless when encountering a spaceship that was flying at a superluminal speed. Humans could only rely solely on luck.Soon, the Glassians fleet flew passed the fort situated in the outermost region at a terrifying speed, heading towards the Space City. The space defense system meant nothing to the Glassian spaceship and a hole was formed as it penetrated through it.At that moment, in the human flagship that was still in the outer region of the galaxy, Hou Shuwen pressed the main cannon launching button. There was a sheer layer of sweat on his forehead due to the weapon in the spaceship having been switched to the manual mode by him.Initially, he wanted to attack the Glassian spaceship with his instinct.However, he was in despair for no matter how hard he tried to capture the right moment, his ability to sense with his instinct seemed to have disappeared.He found out that his instinct would do nothing when encountering a spaceship that traveled at a superluminal speed.Its not working, its still not working!Sweat was dripping from his forehead and he was stressed. He was about to have a mental breakdown.He had been sitting in his seat for more than half a day. However, he dared not press the button.Seeing the Glassian spaceship getting further away from them and the chance of attacking them getting smaller and smaller, he had then decided to rely on luck. An oppressive aura instantly spread out and the bodies of the people who were in the control room became stiff. Their mind went blank.Hou Shuwen felt that something was wrong, struggling to turn his head back. As a hidden evolved man with unique sense, his will was considered strong as he had barely managed to stay conscious.The cabin door that had been locked, opened on its own. A figure that looked like a spirit gradually walked towards them. His body trembled a little as soon as he saw the face of the figure. He then lost his senses. He felt strange as the figure had an odd skin tone that looked non-human.He was stunned and was unable to think.There was no warning from the artificial intelligence system, it was if he was in the crew of the spaceship.Hou Shuwen could sense that the person glanced at him, he stood up and moved aside like a sleepwalker as if everything was reasonable.The person who entered was Luo Yuan.He could accept failure and injuries. However, it was meaningless to engage in a one-sided war. The war must end at the Space City. His adopted son was stationed at the Space City and he had to stop things from happening over there.Luo Yuan sat down and hesitated for a moment. After a short while, he untied the plasma screen on his forehead. As the screen disappeared, his four-dimensional vision was released.He felt dizzy but he managed to adapt to it very quickly.A large and clear four-dimensional scene appeared in his mind. 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