Chapter 587: The Four-Dimensional War (II)

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Chapter 587: The Four-Dimensional War (II)Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationA month had passed, and a figure shrouded in light suddenly appeared within the three-dimensional universe.Without a doubt, this figure was definitely Luo Yuan. He glimpsed pass an uncharted star system and compared it with one close to the solar system. Then, he realized that the star system was denser, with the distance between each star being at least a hundred light years or more.The distance toward the solar system was more than three thousand light years, and it was positioned between the Perseus and Sagittarius Cantilever. In fact, it was closer to the Silver Heart Zone.Based on the travel path of the four-dimensional beings, he deduced that their civilization could very well have originated from the Silver Heart Zone.He had expected this. More than 99% of matter found throughout the galaxy was from the Silver Heart Zone, and it was also the coldest place in the entire galaxy. If time was turned back about ten billion years, this star had already existed, even to the extent of supporting a civilization while his current solar system and the sun was still in a chaotic state.The sun was only about five billion years old, and there was a five-billion-year gap between the birth of both stars. That was more than enough time to allow a civilization to progress to the pinnacle of what they could do, providing it did not fall.However, if it were compared to the Silver Heart Zone in terms of prosperity and age, the star system closer to the solar system was like a wasteland that lacked resources. Not even a blade of grass would grow there!...Luo Yuan had used up his will but it was rapidly recovering. In mere seconds, he had already fully recovered.He looked into the distance, and hundreds of light years within the fourth dimension was a four-dimensional figure that was inching closer. His heart was impervious to neither passion nor desire as he lay there suspended in the void, quietly waiting for it to arrive.Time gradually passed and with the ever closing distance, the figure gradually grew larger as it changed from a blur to an image of vivid clarity. It seemed to be similar to Luo Yuans micro-universe but it was not formed from space. Instead, it was formed from a greyish black matter that made its entire body seem majestic as dark matter swirled around its body.It was flying at about thirteen to fifteen thousand times the speed of light, and Luo Yuan realized that this discovery was good news. Regardless if it was only traveling at that speed to conserve the energy it expended or if it was unable to ascend to a higher dimension, this meant that the figure was not exactly all-powerful and impenetrable.Fifty light years, thirty light years, five light years.Luo Yuan only made his move when the distance between the both of them was less than half a light year apart!His body immediately ascended to the fourth dimension and promptly attempted to reach the peak of the dimension. Within mere picoseconds, his speed had increased to fifty thousand times the speed of light per second.When Luo Yuan ascended to the fourth dimension, an indescribable force shot out from the four-dimensional figure as it attempted to leap into a dimensional point that was even higher but it missed. About ten seconds later, its energy finally dropped as it caused fluctuations in the fourth dimension that descended to the third dimension. Although the energy of the wave within the fourth dimension had diminished, the energy still remained unimaginably powerful once it descended to the third dimension. In the blink of an eye, the energy had reached the potential energy equivalent to that of a supernova gamma-ray gun. Containing the power of a few hundred suns, the terrifying energy shot forward until it hit a star nearby, piercing through it in the blink of an eye and caused it to rapidly crumble...Halfway through flying, Luo Yuan glimpsed at the three-dimensional world that was light years away, and he witnessed the event in shock. This energy wave was moving at a speed that was beyond his imagination. The wave traversed half a light year in only a matter of ten seconds or less. This was because the wave had already traversed more than a light year during the descent to the third dimension. Its speed truly exceeded his expectations, and the only possible explanation was that the attack was exceedingly powerful as it came from the fourth dimension.Like a signal, a barrage of waves began heading toward Luo Yuans like howling wind and driving rain.This was the inherent advantage of a technological creation. When compared to a biological being, its firepower was far more intense and powerful.Unfortunately, despite being fourth dimensionalized, Luo Yuans will could still not reach a distance of half a light year away. The maximum range for his will to function was only about a tenth of a light year. This also meant that he was in a position to take a beating but would not be able to retaliate in any way. It was the cold hard truth.This fourth dimension war was fought on a completely different scale. When compared to the interstellar war in the third dimension, a war waged in the fourth dimension was significantly more complex and its scale was incomprehensible to a mere three-dimensional being. Similarly, a three-dimensional being would not be able to hit a target since they were on different dimensional planes. If they attempted to, they would have to peer into the fourth dimension with their three-dimensional eyes.However, this super civilization was definitely something to behold. Having obtained a terrifying understanding of the fourth dimension, Luo Yuan increasingly felt the pressure within him build up following the ever closing gap between the both of them. Regardless of how he leaped through dimensional planes, his attack were still from him. On the other hand, the attack from the four-dimensional being was extremely precise to the point where it had a kind of predictive property and could even interfere with Luo Yuans precognition.The rate at which he experienced time was already in the picoseconds. A standard second would feel like trillions of seconds to him. Moving at such a high speed in the fourth dimension, Luo Yuan had experienced hundreds of billions of variable dimensional changes per second and yet, he was still almost hit several times due to the disruption to his clairvoyant abilities.Against this four-dimensional being, Luo Yuan basically had to go through a power struggle. Unfortunately, he was at a disadvantage.However, his previous encounters with this entity had allowed him to have a general understanding of how its attacks worked.It was a kind of descending dimensional strike, that descended from the fourth dimension to the third instead of the third dimension to the second. The attack was made to take on a four-dimensional being and it was extremely fearsome. If any four-dimensional beings were struck by the attack, it was likely that their body would descend from the fourth dimension and they would become a three-dimensional being.This attack could very well threaten his existence. However, once he understood the attacks of this attack, Luo Yuan managed to retaliate.Flying at high speed, he reached out with his hand and grabbed onto space mid-flight. Then, he tore off a piece of four-dimensional space and covered himself in it before he continued adding hundreds of layer around him.It was a kind of four-dimensional space armor that was carefully carved and polished from space. As he added more layers around him, his defence grew exponentially more powerful but he was running out of time.To the both of them, half a light year was not that far, especially since they could traverse that distance in only about three minutes. As time passed, both parties approached each other. Luo Yuan looked like a phantom as he phased in and out of existence to dodge the attacks only by a mere inch.The energy of the four-dimensional being descended into a sea of dark energy. It seemed like boiling oil was being poured into water as the dark energy in the battlefield went amuck, exploding into an endless stream of energy and light. However, damage done from something like this would neither damage Luo Yuan nor the fourth dimensional being.At that moment, there seemed to be a slight problem with Luo Yuans will. It only protected him for half a picosecond before he was intensely shook. By then, it was far too late.Terrifying shockwaves were sent toward his body, wiping out all the layers of four-dimensional armor he surrounded himself with earlier. The impact gave off an endless stream of energy.Fortunately, he had the dimensional armor wrapped around his body so he managed to slow the waves down at the very last moment, allowing him to swiftly escape or this war would have had ended prematurely.At that split second, there was a sliver of fear in his heart. To avoid something like this from happening again, Luo Yuan increased the amount of will expended at a whim.As he did that, his entire body gave off a powerful glow that enveloped the entire area. It formed an area around him that when complete, would instantly recover his precognitive abilities and isolate the disruptive force.Fortunately, the four-dimensional being quietly entered his range of attack only a few seconds later.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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