Chapter 544: Conflict

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Chapter 544: ConflictTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationLuo Yuan was about to modify his Zhanmadao.He first used his Will to inspect the Zhanmadao. It was a complex of metal atoms and biomacromolecules. They were not arranged chaotically but they were in an orderly manner.Without a doubt, it was an excellent material. Despite being incomparable to the advanced materials, be it its physical properties or chemical properties, they were superb compared to ordinary materials. Human technology was unable to produce materials with such strength just by using ordinary materials.However, these materials could easily be duplicated by Luo Yuan.Soon, a new Zhanmadao appeared in his hand.Both looked the same as if they were produced by the same mold. Even the atomic structure was the same. However, Luo Yuan could feel that both Zhanmadaos were totally different and he could distinguish the difference between them.One of the Zhanmadao resembled an extension of flesh and blood as it was closely linked to his body. It seemed like it was breathing like a living being. As an ordinary person approached it, one could feel the coldness of the Zhanmadao. However, the other of his Zhanmadao did not give off an aura. Aside from both of them having the same sharpness, there was nothing special about it.Furthermore, a duplicated Zhanmadao did not possess the power of the original.In fact, Luo Yuan did not feel surprised as he did not duplicate it completely. With his microscopic vision by using his Will, he only managed to look through the neutron layer. He was incapable of looking through particles that were even smaller such as the Quark or Lepton.The imprinted Will itself was a substance in the deep layer which was made of the quantum-entanglement reaction. With his current ability, he was still unable to look through it. In addition, his Zhanmadao possessed the ability to cut through space. It was apparent that the substance was made of a something with a higher level energy wave.He then recalled the integration ability of the system previously. Despite him being rational it was still unavoidable that he was stimulated by it.When he first started using it, he felt that it was amazing and did not think any further. However, he was in fear as he recalled it now. There must be immense technological abilities behind that power.As he knew more about the unknown super civilization of the system, Luo Yuan could feel how strong it was.The definition of strength was no longer about the amount of energy. Instead, it was about ones ability to control the microscopic particles. Anyone who had greater control over the microscopic particles, that person would have a better understanding of the nature of the universe and was thus the stronger one.Human technology only managed to look through the elements layer. Compared to the unknown civilization, it was like an ant facing an elephant. As the elephant lifted its leg, it could easily kill the ant and turn it into minced meat.Even Luo Yuan was just slightly stronger than those ants.He frowned and snapped himself out of his thoughts since it was useless to think about it.The next moment, two Zhanmadao decomposed instantly and at the same time, a large number of substances started merging together. One second later, a new Zhanmadao reappeared on his hand.The new Zhanmadao was compressed to a ratio of 60,000 and weighed 1,000 tons.However, it was very light to him and he could lift it up effortlessly.Luo Yuan took a glance at it and soon, he placed it on a weapons rack nearby.As a matter of fact, the weapons meant nothing to him. As a part four-dimensional being, his Will was the strongest and was also the source of his energy. He made a new Zhanmadao just because he was prompted by a sudden impulse.Luo Yuan was not as calm as he expected since when he had been informed of the Glassian that was coming. It somehow affected him.It was a sudden impulse caused by the war. It was a living beings desire to counterattack when facing danger. Luo Yuan subconsciously got himself ready for the war. Regardless if it was useful or useless, regardless if the opponent was strong or weak....In the afternoon, Chen Xinjie and Luo Junchao came to visit Luo Yuan.Junchao, call daddy! Chen Xinjie urged, seeing that her son was keeping quiet.Daddy! Luo Junchao shouted in fear, holding his breath.He had met his father again after several years. However, his father was a stranger to him. He had a non-human skin tone, which was a ceramic white color and an oppressive aura. He was spending his years in seclusion. All of these had caused him to have an extreme fear of his father.Luo Yuan nodded his head as he saw both of them, What brings you here?He asked coldly as if the two of them standing in front of him were strangers instead of his woman and his adopted son. Luo Junchao felt strange, seeing such a situation for the first time. However, Chen Xinjie was used to it and had given up on him.He answered coldly, Your son wants to join the army and seek death. I cant convince him. Are you going to bother about this?Luo Yuan did not answer and switched his gaze towards Luo Junchao, Why do you want to join the army!?Luo Junchao was frightened and he dared not raise his head up. He answered cowardly, The Glassians are ruthless. They want to wipe the human race out. I want... I want to be a hero like daddy. I want to rescue the humans!The soldier recruitment propaganda could be seen everywhere and it filled the atmosphere with passion. Luo Junchao was influenced by that. He was already 14 years old. According to the war provisions act, he was qualified to join the army.However, you dont have my strength. Youre just an ordinary person and you cant be a hero. Youll become a cannon fodder if you join the war. Youd die anytime. Luo Yuan maintained a neutral tone.Luo Junchao was going through the rebellious stage. He was stimulated by Luo Yuan as he criticized him. Still, he dared not raise his head up but said with courage, Im not afraid of death. Humans have reached a point where their existence is at stake. Nobody can escape this. As your son, I should set an example for the rest. Even if die, its meaningful.Do you really want to join the army? Luo Yuan asked.Yes! Luo Junchao answered without hesitation.Luo Yuan! Chen Xinjie did not care how strong Luo Yuan was. As a mother, ever since her son was born, he was her loved one. Especially when Luo Yuan was cold to her, her son was her everything. Right this moment, she shouted at Luo Yuan as it seemed like he agreed with him.Looking at Chen Xinjie who was angry, Luo Yuan said without any facial expression, I cant convince him because it is a free-will decision. I respect his decision. Perhaps I can modify his memory and change his way of thinking. But I guess that you wont agree to do so and he wont accept it as well. Luo Yuan said calmly. However, what he said was frightening.In fact, if Luo Yuan had no feelings for them, he would not consider things so much and ask him patiently. He would have directly altered his memory where he could save his time and the outcome would be better. Just like what he did to Meng Junhua.Chen Xinjie was angry and left together with Luo Junchao. Seeing both of them leave, Luo Yuan stood still.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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