Chapter 585: The Third Fourth Dimensionalization ( II )

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Chapter 585: The Third Fourth Dimensionalization ( II )Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationTime gradually passed as Luo Yuan remained suspended within this desolated space without moving.Over time, his heart that had not been beating for over a hundred years began beating once again as the longing desire within his heart grew more intense.As time continued passing, the longing desire within him gradually affected his will but he refrained himself from resisting. He had never once shown resistance because it seemed like there was a pattern to it. The desire came from every single cell in his body, every atom, and every composed basic particle in his body. Even if his will had been ten times more powerful, he still would have no way to resist.Only, he had always remained clear-headed and was not lost to the ecstasy within the depths of his heart.After being in this state for half an hour, the longing desire had reached a critical level. His body then shook for a moment before a humming sound from a bell was heard. Before long, his vision and his perspective of dimensions began improving exponentially.He was like a land creature that had gradually grown a pair of wings before it began flying through the sky.A world even more magnificent than the one he was from lay before him. Matter, energy, space — never had he seen each of these things more clearly and so in depth, to the point where he could understand the essence of these elements.Luo Yuan felt like he had gradually immersed himself into the dark energy ocean. He was emulsifying with the water and was blending into it. Originally, the dark energy was seeping into his body. However, energy was dripping into his body and before long, it had become a trickle.Immersed in the ascension process, he did not notice that he had caused the three-dimensional world around to be stirred like a pot of hot porridge.The fourth-dimensionalization process was basically a process to collapse the bonds one had with the three-dimensional world. Though the process, an intense spatial disruption occurred, and the nearby solar system became the first to experience an occurrence like this. Regardless if it was a planet or a star, they were all like tofu experiencing a concussion until they were severely deformed.The frozen gaseous planet closest to Luo Yuan was the first that could not withstand this form of destruction. The entire planet crumbled just like a shattered glass sphere before countless ice particles began to escape the hold of planetary gravity as they floated into space. Before long, even these ice particles were shattered to ice dust by the spatial wave disruption.However, all these events just marked the beginning of what was to come. One after the other, planets began crumbling away. Before long, even gaseous planets were disintegrating.There was a star far larger than the sun. Although it was still able to temporarily maintain its shape, it ultimately reached its critical point. The spatial wave disruption seemingly accelerated the nuclear fusion within the stars core. However, since its gravity was unable to hold down the intense reaction, the star expanded hundreds of kilometers per second as it grew significantly more dazzling.After a moment, an indescribable light flashed through. At the next second, the star burst like a balloon, as it completely crumbled. Following that, countless particles were released, and they flew towards space....Finally, Luo Yuan fell out of the ascension process with emptiness. He had no desires.He had always remained clear-headed from the beginning until the end of the process. Even at the most crucial moment, he did not give in to his desires and even managed to cast off the remnants of the disappointment he felt.Power clouded the surface of his body. After he went through the fourth dimensionalization process, his body had expanded and become 30,000 meters tall. The clothes on his body that were synthesized from critical material had long been torn apart when he expanded. He was currently naked.However, there were no lewd intentions. There was only the feeling of ultimate power and the sanctity of the human soul.Feeling his massive body, he sighed.With the average human behavior of sighing, an energy stream stretching about a few dozen kilometers shot out from Luo Yuans body, causing a brief disruption in space.Im becoming more and more inhuman! Luo Yuan took notice of all of these occurrences and sighed in his mind.Plenty of dark energy had completely associated and had become part of him. It was in his flesh and bones, becoming a part of his body. Even something as insignificant as him breathing would have the potential of causing mass disruption to this fragile world.About half his body had entered the four-dimensional state. This was especially so for his brain which had completely entered the fourth dimension. There was even some kind of transformation to his will.He could feel that he had an immeasurable amount of power compared to the time before he entered this four-dimensional stage. It was almost as if his power level had grown by about seven to eight levels. The residual effects from his ascension alone had the potential to destroy the entire solar system.He looked towards the destroyed star system and stretched his hand to grab it. Then the surrounding void gradually distorted as his palm continuously grew larger. 10 kilometers, 100 kilometers, 10,000 kilometers... Finally, it was as large as the newly destroyed star system.At the same time, the star system began to shake intensely as countless particles began spinning in a high-speed vortex had begun to shake intensely, countless of particles begun to spin at high speed like a vortex.Before long, a light spot began to shine from the center. As the spinning got faster, the light grew brighter, and the vortex gradually became more and more concentrated.Gradually, a star that was much larger than it originally was, lit up. In the natural evolution of the nebula, at least about tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years were required for it to form a star. However, at this moment, it only took about 10 seconds or so.Once the star was formed, the enormous hand then gently scooped up the star and slowly enclosed the star within his palm. His movements were light and steady. It was almost as if he was too afraid that he would crush the star by accident.He retracted his hand, and through this process, his hand rapidly returned to normal. Then, he opened his palm and the star remained sitting there on his palm.At this moment, the concept of size was irrelevant, and the distance had also been made redundant. Billions of kilometers were within his reach, and the star with millions of kilometers of a diameter had become like a mud ball. Of course, with Luo Yuans palm that had a diameter of almost 20 kilometers, this mud balls diameter would be at least five to six kilometers. However, when compared to the original size of the star, the gap in size was simply unreasonable.Catching the star, and grabbing the sun along with the moon. All these sounded like myths. However, Luo Yuan could achieve such things right now. To him, it was as simple and as natural as breathing or drinking.For a four-dimensional being had half of his body fourth dimensionalization, manipulating the third-dimension felt like a natural instinct. His palm did not grow larger. Instead, it was space that was distorted. Luo Yuan and the star systems distance had never shrunk. The only thing that shrank was space since size and distance were a manifestation of space. When space itself was bent and twisted, this natural phenomenon would become obsolete.He gently overturned, feeling the stars terrifying weight. Luckily this heavy of a weight was still manageable to him. However, it was as if the star was being toyed by him, and was intensely shaking, seemingly close to the precipice of being scattered again.Who would have guessed that Luo Yuan would feel something from afar once he was prepared to throw the star away? It felt like there was a crisis in that particular direction.Moments after he felt the presence, a vision immediately appeared within his mind. Although the vision was relatively short, it only lasted about a picosecond before it disappeared. Ever since he became fourth-dimensionalized, his physic abilities were strengthened immensely. Not only can he peer twelve minutes into the future, even crises from a distant future could be felt.Luo Yuan could recognize the object within the image at just a glance. It was a standard four-dimensional body and looked just like a two-dimensional circle or a three-dimensional sphere. Things in the fourth dimension would usually have a four-dimensional body and the resulting micro-universe was formed when it was cut.However, this was not just any micro-universe because it was rather spacious and it was formed by four-dimensional particles.At the same time, it was not some four-dimensional creature as well.Luo Yuan had seen one in the past. Although a four-dimensional creature would defy and break every single three-dimensional shape along with physics, it could also never be measured with conventional methods. At the same time, it was also an extremely complex lifeform that would never have a perfect body.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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