Chapter 555: Sensation

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Chapter 555: SensationTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationWhen it was one oclock in the afternoon, at the magnetic molding experimental area, Cui Weichuan was in his protective garment, carrying out the final experiment on a smart magnetic molder together with two of his assistants.A smart magnetic molder was a metal molding device. It could precisely shape the metal by exerting magnetic force without the need to forge or mold it.Compared to the traditional forging methods, something good about the magnetic molding method was that it had a high accuracy where commissioning and maintenance of the products was not required. Once it was formed, there would be no burrs and uneven surfaces. It could be used directly after manufacturing, its effectiveness was a thousand times higher compared to the traditional methods. It was now widely used in the industry.Cui Weichuans current research project was further improved, where the final product could be produced only by using the magnetic molder.Cui Weichuan got this idea from 3D printing. Before the apocalypse, 3D printing used to be a very popular term. However, it was not developed further over the years and was almost eliminated by the society. Be it the Glassian or humans, the 3D technique was rarely used.One of the reasons was because compared to the magnetic molder, the 3D printing technique had no apparent advantages. Magnetic molder was simple and easy to use and had totally inhibited and replaced the development of 3D printing technology.On the other hand, there was an unsolvable flaw in this technique. Its end product was not strong enough and it was inevitable that fine holes would appear in the microstructure of the end product, which in turn affected the structural strength of the material.However, the concept could still be taken as reference. The molder now had been built by referring to the 3D concept.Have you recorded the data on the product blueprint? Cui Weichuan asked in his husky voice. Ever since the project had started, he had been staying in the laboratory constantly for a total of two months. Fortunately, it was about to end now.Ive recorded it just now! The assistant immediately answered. Still, he made a final check. As a researcher, he would have to be extra careful.Then lets start the machine! Cui Weichuan ordered.Another assistant immediately took a step forward and activated it. As the electric current flowed through it, the magnetic molder buzzed instantly.The machine was not big, it was only at the size of a small table. However, it had an incredible function. If it was invented before the apocalypse, perhaps even an industrial town with a population of more than 10,000 people would still be unable to activate it, as the atoms of the advanced metal were densely packed. It was not easy to mold it.However, such a consumption of power in this era was akin to a drizzle.The usage of electricity by Cui Weichuans laboratory alone had exceeded the critical point of ten billion kilowatts last month alone. Regarding the large-sized industries that constructed the warships, the usage of electricity per day would be the total consumption of electricity by the whole of China for several years.The output of magnetic force is stable!The softening time of the material is within control!The noise of the machine is normal!The program is running smoothly!...The assistant tested the operating condition of the machine. Cui Weichuan was satisfied and nodded his head. He managed to look into the changes of the metal through the anti-radiation glass of the machine.He could see that the metal expanded slightly as a strong magnetic force was exerted onto it. It softened rapidly like a liquid, turning into a round-shaped object that looked rather flat. At the same time, the remaining metal was placed aside.The magnetic force exerted on its surface was precisely controlled, changing rapidly and accurately...After more than 10 seconds, as no extra materials were detected, the machine soon stopped operating.As it had been slightly cooled, the assistant then passed him the end product and then he began testing.Aside from the glass, it was an actual ancient spring-type mechanical watch. Its internal components were automatically created according to the program of the molding machine.The watch fitted perfectly and one would be unable to disassemble it. Of course, there was no need to do so since it would not spoil regardless of how much it was being thrown. It could be used up to 10,000 years until the advanced metal was finally corroded as the time passed.The atmosphere was unusually heavy and everybody looked depressed. It was because, since the afternoon, no news about the war were heard. Everybody was worried that something bad had happened.However, when the machine had passed all the tests, everybody looked happy and a smile was plastered on their faces.It was an influential achievement. Everybody could imagine the sensational effect as well as the honor and status associated with it once the machine was launched.Not many of the technologies were applied in the creation of this machine and it would, therefore be a new concept at most. It could only produce some small-sized products and its functions were limited as it could only mold an individual substance. However, it was considered as a pioneering achievement. One day, it would be able to build a big warship.Bang!Suddenly, the door of the laboratory area was pushed open with a bang.Cui Weichuan and the rest were taken aback. As he turned back and was about to scold him, the person said nervously, We... We...The staff used to be an introvert. However, during this moment, his face flushed red and he was breathing quickly.What happened? Tell me slowly. Cui Weichuan seemed to have sensed something and breathed a little faster.We... We have won. The war has ended. Quick... Quickly read the news!Cui Weichuan was a man who was steady. However, right when he heard the news, he felt that his body was going limp. Happiness filled his heart, it felt like a dream to him. It was unbelievable and so he asked, Is that true? How could it be... No, how could the Glassian...I... I cant believe it too but we have really won the war!Cui Weichuan immediately accessed the internet via a personal communication terminal in his eye. He realized that there was news regarding their victory all over the internet.It was getting noisier outside and the noise was getting louder and louder.Lets go, the people are celebrating outside! The staff no longer looked dull. His face reddened. He then grabbed Cui Weichuan and ran towards the door....The news about the human victory spread quickly to the new Space City. There was an exciting atmosphere around the new Space City.People were celebrating in the streets. Some of them were dancing in excitement and there were others who cried to vent out as well.The people had suppressed their anxiety for far too many years. Be it before or after the apocalypse, a strong sense of insecurity lingered in the human minds especially when they detected that the Glassian were coming, the oppressive aura had reached its peak.The preparations that they had made in the past three years and the sleepless nights that they had over the last three years could now be forgotten. The people were very excited.It was a long-awaited victory for humans!...Luo Yuan quietly arrived at the new mansion that was exclusively built for him at the new Space City without alerting any of them. He closed his eyes while listening to the people that were screaming in joy. A satisfied smile could be seen on his face.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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