Chapter 574: The Cruel Truth

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Chapter 574: The Cruel TruthTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationBefore Chen Hongxia started her job, she went through professional training. During a scenario like this, she would avoid making a scene halfway through the mission by composing herself.Even so, she slightly widened her mouth in amazement, she almost wanted to search for a mirror to look at, trying to comprehend what part of her image had made her break away from the human archetype. Maybe it was that the group of survivors that had a problem with their vision. She secretly pinched herself gently with her fingers and reappeared with a bright smile.Of course Im a human. Im one of you, not an alien.Although her words were light, it was as if thunder had struck, causing everyone nearby to be in silence. Everybody was looking at each other with a stunned look on their face.There were neither cheer nor excitement like they had imagined. Not many people could accept this fact, and there were even some who were confused.At this moment a lean evolved human leaped out and whispered into the ears of Ling Zhong-an. This is not possible, boss. Dont trust any of this! She must be faking it. It mustve been a lie. Theyre definitely scheming something.Specifically, what scheme did the aliens have? What was their purpose? He could not even think about it, but there was some truth in those words. She must not be human. After all, human civilization had long since been destroyed. This was definitely a fantasy.Everyone secretly agreed. Some of the easily excitable evolved humans individuals suddenly went quiet and calmed down when they heard the news. They subconsciously formed a circle, and it was as if they were facing a terrifying beast, and they were encircling the beast like a flock of sheep.Their mindset had already been set, and they have long since believed that spaceships belonged to the aliens. How could it be that easy to alter their mindset?You... What proof do you have to say that youre a human? Or rather, how do you prove that youre not sent by the aliens? Ling Zhong-an managed to reply steadily. He had just discovered a shocking truth, this alien or humanoid creature actually possessed a terrifying power. He discovered this when she subconsciously pinched her finger, causing the air to unexpectedly explode in a gentle manner.He could also manage something like this. However, he could never do it like her, unknowingly and naturally.Due to that exposed tiny detail, everyone could easily figure out that the seemingly harmless creature actually had terrifying physical strength.Chen Hongxia did not know that her involuntary action had sparked great unease within Ling Zhong-an. She was an evolved human, and a very powerful one to boot. Chen Hongxia was only her cover name, and Luo Yu was her real name.The surname Luo only belonged to a minority, and those who had this surname could be counted with ones fingers. For those with this surname, people would always think of their godlike father. That was reason enough for her to use a cover name to prevent this from affecting her work and learning.Not to mention that if not for her decent strength, the higher-ups would not even consider sending her out a dangerous mission like this.The survivors were not the friendly kind. If the situation was not settled properly, there would be danger. If it all went according to the safety guidelines, all personnel had to suit up with a lightweight nuclear-powered battle suit, and arm themselves with kinetic weapons before landing.However, these were naturally useless to her. As Luo Yuans clone, and also a rare type of evolved human with three abilities, no one could even threaten her under normal circumstances. Even if she encountered a level 9 mutated creature, she could just escape by teleporting.Chen Hongxia or Luo Yu was both funny and sympathetic. Looking at their miserable looks, she could understand the flurry of emotions going through their heads. No matter who or what they had suffered over the past few decades at this place, this was probably not that much of an improvement in any way.She had seen countless of descriptions of beggars from various literature, as it described their ragged clothes, untidiness, as well as the stench and emptiness within their eyes. Aside from having animal pelts in the place of ragged clothes, the remaining description were extremely on point. Immediately and patiently, she said, According to historys records, our group of humans had escaped from Earth since 2015, and after five years in a spaceship and leaving the solar system, weve now returned. As for concrete proof, wait until you lot reach Space City, then youll understand!Just as everybody had their doubts cleared as they began to feel the excitement, who would have guessed that the lean evolved human reminded them in a deep voice once again. Boss dont believe her. How could they have built a spaceship with the technological prowess of humans at tht time. It was one that could escape the solar system to boot! Even if a hundred years had passed, it would still be impossible.This evolved humans reminder was like a splash of cold water that had once again put out the flame of excitement that was beginning to build up within every person.Youre right... Spaceships! When did you guys build a spaceship? Ling Zhong-an quickly asked after he was clear-headed. As the Firearms Departments Immediate Deputy Minister, some of the classified information were also available to him even if his title was merely one from the Reconstruction Area. For news as huge as a spaceship, how could he not have heard of it at all?We didnt build any. We raided the Glassians and took over their spaceship. We managed to hold the ship captive when they were executing their plans to destroy the humans. After attempting to justify her humanity over and over again, she began to get impatient. By the way, the one that managed to capture the ship is Luo Yuan. I believe youve heard of his name before.After stating the name, her face was filled with pride. It was her fathers name.Dont trust her boss! It mustve been made up by them... Luo Yuan, Ive never heard of his name before. That lean evolved human once again reminded him.You just shut the f*ck up! Ling Zhong-an angrily said, Youre very annoying, do you know that?In fact, he had already believed her. The only thing was that the events leading up to this were simply too surreal, and it was hard to believe. Thinking back about it, if it was really the aliens, why would they even take the effort to lie to them. Everyone had a purpose, so they probably would not even make an effort to explain.As to Luo Yuan, this name had finally made him confirm his beliefs.He remembered this name and had once compared notes with him. He had an amazing reaction speed and was absolutely brilliant when it came to his combat techniques. During the exchange with him, there was a helpless melancholy in the air, leaving a deep impression on him. He would have never thought that this man would become so powerful in the end.At this moment he suddenly thought of something and quickly asked. Youre saying that not long after the destruction of the Reconstruction Area, Luo Yuan managed to hold an alien spaceship captive?Thats right, based on historical records, Mankinds greatest leader Mayor Luo had returned to Hope City after a day. With the spontaneous support from the people, he had restructured human society and gradually gathered the refugees from the surrounding city area. Half a year later, he migrated everyone to the spaceships.Everyone listened like they were struck by lightning. after some time, Ling Zhong-an opened his mouth and said with his deep and hoarse voice, If thats a fact, does that mean that weve been avoiding the human ships for all these years?The cave that they were living in was very close to Hope City, and the distance was not even a hundred kilometers apart from each other. At first, they would always see spaceships landing on earth. Seeing things the way they did, they would always desperately hide in the caves to hold on to their lives at first. They were faced with nightmares even in sleep. 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