Chapter 545: Mystery

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Chapter 545: MysteryTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationEver since he had entered the fourth-dimension, the primary changes in Luo Yuan were neither his strength nor his speed of thinking. It was his mode of thinking instead.The first two would be the changes in quantity whereas the latter would be the changes in quality.Under normal circumstances, a person would usually apply linear thinking for solving problems.It was like the construction of a road. In order to construct the road from one end to another conscientiously, there would be a starting point as well as an ending point. One would skip nothing in between. However, Luo Yuan would use a multithreaded thinking to solve problems where segmental construction would be done. A road would be separated into thousands of sections and the construction would be carried out concurrently. Perhaps during the construction of the road, there were thousands of roads being built at the same time.He had been carrying out countless computations in his mind all the time. All these were his innate abilities and he did it subconsciously. Many of them were meaningless, though.Based on the complexity of the information being handled, it could be as small as the changes in airflow caused by his movement and as big as the effect caused by the cracking of ice to Planet No.4.It was the ability of a four-dimensional being to have full control over the information where a huge amount of data would gush into his mind at any time and they were handled instantly.Due to his highly efficient computational ability, before his emotion could react to it, his mind had already made the final decision. Despite it might not be the best decision as most of the decisions made were cruel, it was somehow the most effective and beneficial one.Its getting tougher for me to adapt to the human society.Luo Yuan sighed and soon, he snapped himself out of his thoughts....12 huge interstellar spaceships were in a circular arrangement and were 10 light years away. They were traveling with a warp drive, heading towards one of the galaxies.A thick layer of densely packed photons was formed in front of the spaceship, emitting a dazzling light. As the fleets passed, space waves were formed, spreading wider and wider. They were coming unscrupulously.The spaceship of the fleets was entirely different from the Glassian spaceship that went on an expedition on Earth.Not only was it much bigger, its shape was no longer of a perfect disc shape. It looked more like a sharp prism with an extremely smooth and shiny surface. It was beautifully engineered.Traveling at the superluminal speed and the sub-light speed was completely different! The former would only need to consider when the meteorites struck and would not have to worry about the light pressure. The spaceship would not need to consider the flight dynamics or the effects that the shape would cause. However, one would not need to consider the impact of meteorites for the latter but light pressure would become the main issue.In fact, traveling at the superluminal speed was similar to traveling within the atmospheric layer to some extent. As the speed exceeded the light of speed, there would be an increase in the light pressure index. There would be an intense impact between the photons and the surface of the spaceship. The pressure produced would affect the spaceships stability and heat durability.This would also cause the shape of the Glassian spaceship to look rather similar to the flight vehicles within the atmospheric layer. The shape would be smoother as to reduce the light pressure.To a certain extent, it was a trace to its source....A meeting was held in the war command center which was located in one of the spaceship that was slightly bigger.On the big three-dimensional screen, a complete galaxy was gradually rotating. If humans were here, they would find out that it was the Barnards Star.Based on the computation of the artificial intelligence system, the ability of the first generation of the interstellar flight to make a long voyage and for the humans to arrive at this galaxy is up to 99%. However, when required, we can reactivate the positioning system. One of the Glassian who was short said as he looked relaxed. The natives thought that they can escape by owning our spaceship. However, theyll never expect that a positioning system is secretly installed in the spaceship. Even the designer of the spaceship does not know about this. Perhaps its in a hidden corner or somewhere in the layer of the fusion furnace. It might be equipped in the interior of the armor of the spaceship. He teased and everyone who attended the meeting burst into laughter.Perhaps when we arrive, they still know nothing about it. But theyll definitely not able to escape this time. Another Glassian laughed and said, Unfortunately, the order is to completely wipe the human race out. Not a single one can survive. Otherwise, we can capture some of the people.As the Glassian was more likely to be threatened by humans, the standard of the war had reached its peak. The Glassian was all gathered in the interstellar warship of the second generation, doing their utmost best to destroy humanity.All of them were confident that there would be no accidents and it was impossible for that to happen.Therefore, the atmosphere was quite relaxed in the meeting room as none of them felt that the expedition would be a risky one.However, the Glassian who was sitting at the head of the table did not laugh. He looked old and was dressed in luxurious, ritualized attire, allowing him to stand out from the crowd.He frowned. As the commander, He was the second best Glassian. He had no idea why ever since the journey started, he felt insecure.Since he was small, he was different from the rest. He was sensitive to danger. Perhaps it was because of his instinct, his career was going smooth and managed to become the second-best Glassian from an ordinary soldier.Right this moment, seeing his colleagues that looked relaxed, he was worried. He somehow felt that the crowd had to be alert.Dont be careless and never underestimate the intelligent race.As he talked, all the laughter stopped and carefully listened to him.They are somehow similar to us as they are also the intelligent race. The only difference is that were taking the lead. Based on the estimation of the scientific institution, after owning our first generation interstellar spaceship, theyll experience a technology explosion. Theyll adopt our technology and itll be used as a reference to reduce the distance between us. Within 10 years, our winning rate is 99.9%. 20 years later, the winning rate will be reduced to 95%. 50 years later, the probability of winning is only 30%. Of course, this will happen when they have a complete research system. The actual situation might be slightly better. However, we cant underestimate our enemy. Defending in place will, of course, be better than going on a long voyage. This will reduce the gap in technology between us. Also, please not forget that how the natives managed to get a complete spaceship...As he said that, the Glassians heart sank. They looked no longer relaxed and their face took on a ghastly expression instead. It was still an unsolved mystery and nothing logical could explain that.Based on the technology development report of this race which was obtained from the first generation spaceship, the entire race was in the initial stage in possessing the ability to travel in space. They could still not get out of the mothership. How did they get the spaceship?Why did the spaceship not fight back during that time?Besides, they activated the spaceship and escaped a few years later!This indicated that the spaceship was not severely damaged. A mysterious power seemed to have existed.Unfortunately, the distance was too far and the message from the spaceship could not be delivered immediately, causing the disaster to happen. Everything was shrouded in thick mist along with a mysterious veil.Therefore, we have to be well prepared for the war. Perhaps the journey will not be a relaxing one. It is a battle between two civilizations and this is the last chance. If we failed the mission, itll be impossible for us to remove the danger anymore. The longer it is, the better the defense system of the opponent is. As the technological gap is reduced, our chances of winning will be smaller.Note:If the content does not exist or there are errors, please leave a message to us, we will update it in time, I wish you a happy reading!If the content of this page involves your copyright, please leave a message to





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